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Area: Death Valley National Park   

State: California    Elevation: 3,533 ft

Lat: 37.0957657*   Long: -117.6753568*

*Lat and long disclaimer

What's Near Eureka Dunes?
(miles) 10 20 30 40 50

Getting There

Eureka Dunes are located in the northern part of Death Valley near Crater. From HWY 168 north of Deep Springs, turn east onto Canyon Road and then immediately southeast onto Eureka Valley Road. Merge left with Loretta Mine Road/Death Valley Road and before Crater, turn south onto S Eureka Road and continue to the end to the dunes.

Eureka Dunes

    Eureka Sand Dunes - Death Valley National Park - Photo by ski3pin

Spot Comments:

  • Obviously,we had a great time here. We got here a bit late because we fiddled around a bit on whether or not to even go here. The maps are not straight on what in allowed and not allowed at the Dunes. We weren't sure if it was just going to be straight up sandy back country camping or if there would be a dry camp or what?

    We asked the rangers at Scotty's Castle and they told us that we needed to be sure we had a reliable 4WD vehicle and that there was in fact a small dry camp area but NO fires and that it was back country roughin' it. NOTE: You do NOT need 4WD to get out here from HWY 168. Just be prepared to take it slow and bump around, a LOT.  

    We took many a looooooong dirt roads out here and when we finally arrived we were pleasantly surprised. There was actually a potty (no petrified poops around anywhere!), as well as camp sites all sectioned out with picnic tables, ANNNNNDDDDD FIRE PITS!!! What the heck rangers!?!?! We could have brought firewood?! Annoying. I suppose we should have just had some with us but you know, sometimes time only permits for certain things and today firewood wasn't one of them.

    Oh, just a couple of things:
    • Please bring goggles to wear. The wind picked up pretty high as it does in the desert but when you're surrounded by sand dunes it can be quite painful in the eyes.
    • I know that most of you have camper trucks (how nice!) but we were tenting it, thankfully we do have a truck with a shell so we set up nest in the back of that and ditched our tent for the night. In the morning that thing was fuuullll of sand. Lovely.
    • DO climb to the top of the dunes and slide down. You get sand everywhere but it's fun to shake it out when you get down!

    This place is beautiful. We were lucky to pretty much be the only ones out there. It's desolate, it's quiet and it's massive. A site that only the luckiest of us will be fortunate enough to get out to take in a appreciate.

    Get out there and get full of sand.

  • Posted by JamieRecycles on Apr-20-2010

  • Damn sorry guys, I guess I can't insert a video via the media button.

    Here is a link to the YouTube video of the Dunes surrounding.
    Ignore my voice  ;)

    Surrounding Dune Area

  • Posted by JamieRecycles on Apr-20-2010

  • One of the highest dunes in the North America, Eureka Dunes are spectacular. We have enjoyed this spot many times and will keep going back. Take your time here. If you wish to leave the other visitors behind, explore the southern portion of the dunes. Not as high, but they have their own special character.

  • Posted by ski3pin on Apr-20-2010

  • The Eureka dunes are a long, rough drive but it is worth the effort.  Dry camping is possible here for those who want a longer stay.

  • Posted by Dughlas Stiubhart on Apr-21-2010

  • Amazing natural wonder not to be missed. The sunset on the ribbons of the Last Chance Range behind the dunes is also a treat.

  • Posted by SunMan on Jan-05-2011

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