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Area: Death Valley National Park   

State: California    Elevation: 692 ft

Lat: 36.4199491*   Long: -116.8119957*

*Lat and long disclaimer

What's Near Zabriskie Point?
(miles) 10 20 30 40 50

Zabriskie Point

Spot Comments:

  • Sunset at Zabriske Point is not to be missed. If you are able to time this on your visit I highly reccommend it.

  • Posted by SunMan on Jan-08-2010

  • Sunrise at Zabriske Point is also a mecca for photographers looking to get that classic photo of first light on Manly Beacon. This is an amazing place.

  • Posted by ski3pin on Feb-24-2010

  • Zabriskie Point is often crowded but it has one of the best views in DV.  To beat the crowds, hike west from the overlook toward Manley Beacon on the trail to Golden Canyon.

  • Posted by Dughlas Stiubhart on Mar-16-2010

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