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Area: Death Valley National Park   

State: California    Elevation: 1,076 ft

Lat: 36.8227214*   Long: -117.1734009*

*Lat and long disclaimer

What's Near Titus Canyon?
(miles) 10 20 30 40 50

Getting There

The west part of Titus Canyon Road is one-way only. See park map. Two-wheel-drive, high-clearance recommended; four-wheel-drive may be needed after adverse weather conditions. Two-way section from west OK for two-wheel-drive, standard clearance vehicles.

Titus Canyon

    Amazing drive through Titus Canyon - Death Valley National Park - Photo by DirtyDog

Spot Comments:

  • Another must do in Death Valley. 4WD not required but a truck or basic SUV would be advised over a standard passenger vehicle.

  • Posted by SunMan on Jan-08-2010

  • Great drive even if you don't have a 4x4. This is one drive I never get tired of and is a must do when traveling to DV

  • Posted by marc on Feb-18-2010

  • Definitely one of the highlights of my Death Valley trip.

  • Posted by DirtyDog on Feb-20-2010

  • My wife who started the drive saying "this is rough, way too much washboard" exited Titus Canyon saying "That was the most amazing drive I've ever taken". It is absolutely a must do and is a great easy intro to Death Valley dirt road driving. I will do that drive on every visit to the park.

  • Posted by rich on Feb-21-2010

  • An artfully driven sedan, especially a rental piloted by a German, can be driven down Titus when the road is in reasonable shape.

    Don't miss this DV spot!

  • Posted by Dughlas Stiubhart on Mar-16-2010

  • Well, we finally did the trip through Titus. An amazing road and a great drive. And, there is lots to stop and see along the way. As others have said, a must do.

  • Posted by ski3pin on Apr-06-2010

  • Don't let the first five or so miles of washboard scare you....The road gets much nicer as you enter the canyon proper.

  • Posted by Tomas Tierra on Apr-27-2010

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