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Area: Death Valley National Park   

State: California    Elevation: 1,079 ft

Lat: 36.0477266*   Long: -117.2233900*

*Lat and long disclaimer

What's Near Ballarat?
(miles) 10 20 30 40 50


    Ghost town of Ballarat - Photo by DirtyDog

Spot Comments:

  • Ballarat is an almost ghost town on the eastern edge of southern Panamint Valley. Mostly melting adobe and rotting wood-frame buildings, it is not usually a busy place.  But drop into the store and chat with locals Rock and George, a retired miner, or camp across the street in the playa dust (no hookups).

    Ballarat is the jumping off point for backpacking and 4x4 adventures in the Panamint Mountains just to the east. Surprise Canyon (Panamint City), Pleasant Canyon, and Goler Canyon (Barker Ranch) are all reached from Ballarat.

  • Posted by Dughlas Stiubhart on Apr-02-2010

  • From Ballarat visit Panamint City, South Park Canyon, Barker Ranch, Goler Wash, Pleasant Canyon, and Butte Valley in Death Valley NP.

  • Posted by Dughlas Stiubhart on Sep-09-2010

  • Ballarat is not within the Death Valley National Park Boundaries but I have lumped it in with the park since it's so close.

  • Posted by DirtyDog on Sep-11-2010

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