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Area: Zion National Park   

State: Utah    Elevation: 5,354 ft

Lat: 37.272204*   Long: -112.950218*

*Lat and long disclaimer

What's Near Angels Landing Trail?
(miles) 10 20 30 40 50

Getting There

Trail starts across from The Grotto Picnic Area on Zion Canyon Road. Accessible by shuttle or a .5 mile walk from the Zion Lodge.

WARNING! This is a very steep trail with full sun exposure. Be prepared with proper footwear and plenty of water! The scramble at the top to Angel's landing is very dangerous!

Angels Landing Trail

    Part of Angel's Landing is scramble on this narrow rock - Photo by DirtyDog

Spot Comments:

  • This trail is in two parts - the hike up the narrow canyon and up "Walters Wiggles" - the most elaborate set of switchbacks you will ever see on a trail. The second part is the scramble out the narrow sliver of rock to Angels Landing with a chain to hold onto and a drop of thousands of feet on each side. Its an amazing adventure and it's SCARY!

  • Posted by DirtyDog on Dec-13-2009

  • Haven't been to this one in ten or so years, but since then it's always reminded me of the Matthes Crest traverse in Yosemite.

  • Posted by BSS on Feb-22-2010

  • Angels Landing is a National Parks classic!   After hiking up the wonderfully built and graded trail (WPA, CCC?), turn right and follow the steel chains and giant eye-bolts to the top.  Scrambling up this narrow rock fin is not for the faint-hearted.

  • Posted by Dughlas Stiubhart on Mar-17-2010

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