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5 more nights in the camper!

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#1 Squatch


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Posted 25 June 2017 - 06:54 PM

I'm also on a fishing forum for smallmouth bass. From time to time someone hosts a rodeo or get together in various parts of the country. I just got back from an Ozark Rodeo.


1,000 miles one way to get there from the east. I spent the 1st night on the road in the campground at Carter Caves State Resort park in KY. A regular spot for us to stop when traveling but 1st time in the campground. It was crazy busy for a Sunday night.


I rolled out early and headed to the Southfork resort.   http://www.southforkresort.com/

I got in early Monday evening. This was to be the base camp for the week of fishing. Our host and another fella showed up shortly after I did. Nice evening and up in the am to fish and canoe.


One fella had to run to town for a license so we went up stream to do a 10 mile float. This was my undoing. I decided to use my friends boat which was already loaded on his truck instead of my own solo canoe. His boat handles much differently than mine. So we caught some nice fish early on. Then I flipped his boat gently on a small ledge and had to get the water out of the boat.


I little later I did it again in some stiffer water and ended up getting my foot wedged under a rock with the canoe full of water against my legs. I had to jerk my foot out as I got bowled over by the boat. Thought I broke some toes but ended up that I didn't. But did cut the top of my foot pretty good. Before the day was over I flipped yet again. I felt pretty rookie before the day was over. I haven't swam in a long time from a canoe. I dumped 3 times total that day.


When we made it back to camp the other 3 folks to join our group had arrived. We had a fine evening swapping lies and yarns. Next day Wed I ran shuttles as I didn't want to submerse my cut foot again in water with cows standing in it. I also ran into town to replace my drowned phone. The day ended with another good evening with fine folks. One of which had dumped on the same ledge that got me.


Thursday was the last day for the late arriving folks as they had yet another date for the weekend. I bugged out for home to tend to my wounds. On the way home I stayed at Mammoth Cave National Park in the campground. It was busy but quiet. I got back in Friday evening having driven 2,200 miles and spent 5 nights in the FWC.


It wasn't the way I wanted the week to work out but sometimes things happen this way. I've had a long smooth run for a while so was probably due. I made few less than perfect decisions. I forgot my dry bags and spare paddle. Unfamiliar water in an unfamiliar boat. Rusty skills and probably more than a little overconfident. But I survived and had a good time in spite of myself. The foot is healing fine but will be sore a while.


Did I mention I also forgot my camera?

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#2 Taku


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Posted 25 June 2017 - 08:40 PM

Well, a good time was mostly had! Glad you have a philosophical approach. We all have days/times/trips that don't always go as planned. We have developed a checklist that has options for hiking, biking, fishing, boating, etc. Not foolproof, but it helps since my brain isn't as young and our stuff has expanded!

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 02:35 AM

Glad you survived it and managed some fun too. I think we have all had things go awry at some time or another :)


Hope that foot heals quickly :)

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#4 hoyden


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Posted 07 September 2017 - 12:52 AM

Ow! Though even with the pain sounds like a good trip! I went for a 4 mile float on the Gasconade to the Missouri last month and it was lovely! ... except for noisy people blasting music on the shore, and idiot motor boats not slowing down. :-)

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