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Renovating an 87' Four Seasons Magnum

Camper Remodel Four Seasons Magnum Four Seasons Camper

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#1 Flemster



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Posted 12 November 2020 - 03:49 PM

Hi guys,


I just kinda fell into the camper world here recently thanks to being bored and on Facebook Marketplace. 


I found a great deal on what looked to be a good platform to build a little home away from home on my 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 Diesel. I do a lot of traveling and as of recently being towing a vehicle to races and a camper sounds enticing. 


This was my setup prior to picking this camper up.




So, I went and checked this thing out. It was listed for $200. Too good to be true. Well $200 later and I am the new owner of an 87' Four Seasons Magnum 8ft Camper.



Its certainly not in the best shape of its life by any means, but it looks like the important things are intact.


50586297382_64d3a4bbe7_w.jpg 50587393737_fa6e7ff109_w.jpg 50586282697_3f6288856d_w.jpg 50587278626_2bd5e60a12_w.jpg

50587278006_a0f762b679_w.jpg 50586168591_63a2fc3842_w.jpg

50586185171_db0cd0ba06_w.jpg 50586306872_e30009f756_w.jpg 50586309761_ef6dd6afd6_w.jpg


Let the project begin. O, also did I mention that I plan to take it to Baja Mexico a week from the day I picked it up... 


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Remodeling an 87' Four Seasons Magnum




#2 Flemster



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Posted 12 November 2020 - 05:15 PM

Let the cleaning process begin.


First, power wash and assessment...

The thing was pretty dirty, but truly not bad for how long I am guessing it was sitting. 


50587273541_ac5c6c129c_w.jpg 50586432597_cacc7d2fbc_w.jpg


Brought it to the shop and started tearing into it over the weekend. First thing first was a vaccum and sweep and wipe everything down inside. I then used Zep mold, mildew stain remover on all of the canvas. This made a huge difference. 


50587397862_dcf3e71f5e_w (1).jpg

50587275101_f567c78008_w (1).jpg


Here is a little before and after.

50586528378_e3c8f86ca5_w (1).jpg


50586169596_27554a3975_w (1).jpg


Not half bad. I did the inside as well.

50586175381_f9ef5bd2f0_w (1).jpg

50585459433_ab4492610c_w (1).jpg


Its turning out to not be as nasty as expected.

50586533138_39bb249260_w (1).jpg

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Remodeling an 87' Four Seasons Magnum




#3 Flemster



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Posted 12 November 2020 - 05:29 PM

Now, the fun part. We started tearing into this thing.


The first step was to address some of the water damage. Mainly, the overhang being it needs to support a good bit of weight I did not trust the rotted wood to last the trip. 


First step was to start taking things apart! Pulling the siding and canvas is actually no fun at all, the staples can be a real pain. I did however start to figure out good ways to pop them off with a screwdriver and it went quick.



I got the whole front skin dropped down and pulled the old board out.



I was relieved to see the rest of the camper structure below was in great shape.


Then a strip to home depot for some wood.



Now to rebuild and reinforce the main support beam.


50586307032_06fe57d1ea_w.jpg 50585426043_2965b9df91_w.jpg 50586529208_23cd65e9cf_w.jpg 50587392777_fb595a5fd9_w.jpg 50586529878_f543015d4a_w.jpg 50585424643_47498bd1f6_w.jpg 50587397817_b194bdb977_w.jpg 50585431148_5c408f222c_w.jpg


All back together! Way stronger.




I was intimidated by this whole process but it ended up bot being too bad. Worst part was reinstalling the fiberglass skin by myself.

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Remodeling an 87' Four Seasons Magnum




#4 Flemster



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Posted 12 November 2020 - 05:52 PM

On to the interior!


First, gut it! 



We also put in a new section of floor as there was some water damage there. We didnt have time to do the whole floor, but we may do that down the road.



I then installed a 7 Pin trailer wiring box so I could plug into my 5th wheel wiring for an easy plugin and to wire 3rd brake light and marker lights.



Now, replace some wood and start painting.





Now, on to seeing what I can get working. Mainly want the propane heater, stove and the inside lights.

First thing I did was hook up propane and listen and smell for any leaks. After 15 miniutes there was no sign. 


Stove... PASS!



Then, I redid the wiring for the heater as the old stuff was a little beat up. Plugged it all back in and it fired right up! Nice hot air, a little smelly but I think its burning off some grim and nasties from sitting.



As you may also noticed I wired in a volt meter, some USB and a 12v plug for my truck fridge.




Progress is good. Lights work also!


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Remodeling an 87' Four Seasons Magnum




#5 Flemster



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Posted 12 November 2020 - 06:08 PM

I plumbed the new water setup. I am still waiting on the water tank, but I plan to run one line to the sink and then another to the rear of the camper for a drain, as well as a shower hook up for a portable propane shower. 




I am excited to get the rest of the fittings I need and finish this portion up. 


We also put in some new flooring, and rebuilt the table to fit the new layout better! My girlfriend also sewed up some cushions and we got our full size 4" Mattress. We are probably going to change the pattern on the cushions but she had the fabric so it will do for now.





This thing is shaping up nicely.






And now we are caught up to the present day. We leave tomorrow, so I may not update the last bit before the trip, but tonight we will finish the water setup, install curtains, replace the clear covers for the windows in the canvas, and few small bits and bobs.


I also whipped up some mounts for the front of my bed as the stuff you can buy are crazy expensive.

Then I installed some of the rear bumper tie downs, the camper came with those.




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Remodeling an 87' Four Seasons Magnum




#6 Vic Harder

Vic Harder

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Posted 12 November 2020 - 07:55 PM

Impressive work and great first posts!  

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#7 PokyBro


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Posted 13 November 2020 - 12:15 AM



Very nice job on renovating your new to you camper. Looks like it cleaned up nicely, and is ready for adventure. Great find for $200!

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#8 dorocks


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Posted 13 November 2020 - 11:29 AM

It is always satisfying to see folks renew and modify homes away from homes.

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#9 Wandering Sagebrush

Wandering Sagebrush

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Posted 13 November 2020 - 02:45 PM

Flemster, impressive work!  It looks like you scored a nice camper that’s getting better by the moment.

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#10 Flemster



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Posted 17 November 2020 - 04:43 AM

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Currently spending our 3rd night in the camper on the Pacific coast south of Ensenada, Baja California. We drove here from Colorado, spending a night in southern Utah and another in Arizona on the Colorado river. Happy to report that the camper has been awesome. We got the water tank installed with no issues. Outdoor shower works great and the new mattress is very comfortable. So far I think we are all in about $1300-$1400 on this camper and it certainly beats my $3400 rooftop tent so no complaints!

1BA3B483-39C8-4817-95CA-3366CBAE8244.jpeg C67F6E97-0E18-4E6D-A064-AB8BA428E023.jpeg 368ED6AD-D741-421F-AFA1-82EB16DA3862.jpeg AB71857B-503A-44E1-AE9D-47CE990412CC.jpeg 9A2751E2-99E9-4CF5-B022-818656AE7C47.jpeg 1F9369A6-EACD-4FF3-AA80-F969DD4C9DBA.jpeg 6E51F58F-874F-47AC-89D4-31341440F20E.jpeg
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Remodeling an 87' Four Seasons Magnum




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