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#11 lqhikers


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Posted 30 August 2015 - 12:50 AM

ok i will expand on orig post.


i have owned a 2003 tacoma I-4 manual 4x4 with fwc eagle yes overloaded never got better than 17mpg average

for the time i owned 2plus years.


2008 tacoma4x4 v/6 manual used with fwc eagle and at times a six pac hard side camper also over loaded again right at 17 mpg average.


so when i went to the 2015 i was planning on same milage so i was also doubting mpg.


talked to a couple of different toyo mech's seems like the new I-4 is little different for early ones

they require 0-20 oil not 5-20 also a few more hp than older,seems to be the reason for better mpg.


now on to my milage claims i said cruise set to 64 on high way yes but we travel on few high speed roads


1  La quinta to Vegas freeway (Prim Nev. to vegas  cruise control) 1st fill up 17.6 mpg.

2 vegas to ely Nev.  fill up 18.40 mpg.no cruise

3 Ely to Twin falls Id,  fill up 20.73 mpg  no cruise but a Tail wind Ha Ha!

4 Twin falls to Challis Id  fill up 20.43 mpg no cruise

5 Challis to Salmon Id. fill up 18.19 mpg no cruise

6 Salmon Id. to Missoula Mt. fill up 21.00 mpg no cruise.

7 Missoula Mt. to Grangeville Id. fill up 20.23 mpg no cruise.

8 Grangeville  to Boise Id.fill up 19.30 mpg. no cruise.

9 Boise Id to Winnemucca Nev. fill up 18.00 mpg no cruise

10 Winnemucca  to Carson city Nev fill up (cruise control 69) to Reno because speed limit 75 did not want to be to slow! 17.50 mpg.

11Carson city to Independence Ca fill up 20.78 mpg 

12 Independence to La quinta (cruise control tell Cajon pass) Tail wind all the way! 19.34 mpg.


them are the figures i thank milage increases once you get away from calif gas blend.also we did not hit head winds

on any stretch of trip.


we are never in a hurry and i really like to work at getting the most mpg that i can so i do a lot of hyper milage stuff.


EPA estimate rating's are just that estimates.


i also have a daily driver (toyota echo) rated at 38 highway but always get 42-44 mpg and a 2013 ford transit EPA highway

27 mpg and 28 mpg is what i get with it.


as far as being overloaded i still feel the rating are low to cover the manufactures.


example my transit says no trailer towing,but the same transit in Europe is rated for towing. go figure.


i"m to lazy to look it up but would not be surprised if GVW rating for same tacoma would be different in other country's.


i do not recall any rig that i have owned that was not over the limit including the 2012 Provan 4x4 bengal expo vech

that we had custom built. i know all my vw vans were always over loaded,my custom 1972 step van motor home.


i'm only expanding on subject for general information not trying to change peoples thought's on legal/safe/smart/.


i do know that i am well aware of what i'm driving and always keep this in mind as we enjoy the back country.






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#12 billharr


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Posted 30 August 2015 - 02:07 AM

If you want to do the Hyper Milage a ScanGauge helps. I have one on my Tundra and can increase my milage IF I use it. You can also make time on slight down hills as the MPG really go up. On the down side running into a head wind cut the MPG in 1/2 or more. 

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#13 lqhikers


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Posted 30 August 2015 - 03:46 PM



i agree with you on scan gauge,my first "scan" gauge was a vacuum gauge ( thank it was called a milage minder) on my 49 chevy did the same almost!


lots of info on Hyper milage ideas kind of fun to read the extremes some go to to increase mpg.


my biggest secret is not to be in a hurry,good for the soul and mpg.



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#14 Bigfoot


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Posted 01 September 2015 - 05:09 AM

ok i will expand on orig post.



I assume you have the original tire size. 

Were MPGs hand calculated?

What was your average speed? 

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2014 Ram 2500 Laramie 4x4 CTD, Crew Cab, 8' box, Hallmark Guanella 


#15 lqhikers


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Posted 01 September 2015 - 06:35 PM



original tire size yes.


mpg hand calculated yes (tacoma does not have mpg display)


no such thing as average speed ,no i do not have a gps unit nor do i want one.


remember i do the milage thing for fun, not to save money!


i do know that when i pass one of those electronic speed displays i check my speed and

it is always very close to spot on.


yes i'm still over weight  ;) 



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#16 allanb


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Posted 10 November 2015 - 05:40 AM

I just want to say a big thanks to every one here for sharing all the great info.

All of the below is based on a camper to go on a stock gas chevy 2500hd with a 8 foot bed. Will just be my wife and I, with lots of toys. Hopefully out for a month or two at a time.

We did a tour this last weekend, went to the alaskan shop in Winlock wa. Down to portland to look at a fwc. Back up to bremerton to look at a 2011 north star 850sc. 

All nice campers. For us it seems:

alaskan, nice, lots of storage, like the hard sides. to spendy for us with what you get. And pushing the weight

Fwc: again very nicely made. For us just to small and spartan and no storage.

Northstar 850sc: Seemed ideal in my research. Enough room and amenities, for the weight. Good rep, support, good people. Looked at a stock 2011 and we did like it the best of the 3. Just going to order a new one so we can get the options we want from the factory.

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