Located along one of the largest lakes in Yosemite, this camp is encircled by granite ridges and domes. Because of its lower elevation, it is relatively warm and has slightly different vegetation, such as large white firs, aspen and lodgepole pines. With the largest occupancy of any of our high camps, this is great for groups and often this camp has availability for the last-minute planner. Merced Lake High Sierra Camp is also the furthest camp from any trailhead. With roughly 14 miles of steep hiking to get to Merced Lake from either Yosemite Valley or Tuolumne Meadows, most visitors choose to stop at either Vogelsang or Sunrise first, and then continue on to Merced Lake the following day. Merced Lake has 18 cabins with accommodations for 60 guests.

About the Yosemite High Sierra Camps
The setting of each camp is uniquely spectacular and provides ample opportunities for exploration or quiet appreciation of the area's natural beauty. The following information on Yosemite's High Sierra Camps can help you prepare for your trip into Yosemite's backcountry.

All lodging is in canvas tent cabins with dormitory-style steel frame beds with mattresses, pillows, woolen blankets or comforters. To maximize the number of people able to enjoy the High Camps, we make every effort to fill all the beds. That means that if your party does not completely fill a tent cabin, you are likely to share with others. The staff makes every effort to keep members of a party in the same tent(s), but sometimes splitting a party is also necessary.

Hot showers, soap and restroom facilities are subject to water availability. However, guests must provide their own sheets or sleep-sacks and towels. Sleep-sacks and Trek Towels may be purchased through DNC Parks & Resorts at Yosemite online or via mail order for confirmed High Camp Guests and are available for sale at High Camp Stores and the Tuolumne Meadows store.

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