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    Heads Up - US Dogs in Canada

    Never brought a dog through CA customs but I'm assuming the rabies vaccine requirement was always in place, and that the chip requirement is new?
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    Have I lost my mind?

    I think I remember something like this happening to one of our vent fans on our 2018 Hawk when the vent was frozen shut with refrozen snow melt on the roof. I was really busy with a lot of things at the time so I can't remember what I did to fix it, but I vaguely remember plastic gears being...
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    Death Valley Salt Tram

    Much of Death Valley is only accessible by unpaved roads.
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    Have I lost my mind?

    One thing I forgot: Watch your head. The short door on pop-up campers takes getting used to, and usually you will hit your head at least once before you learn how to get in and out. I always exit the camper backwards to keep my melon safe.
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    Water intrusion

    You know, it's funny. Our Hawk is on our truck right now, but I was thinking of this thread yesterday, so I took a look at the front window. Hard to see because it is on the truck, but I don't see any weepholes in the window trim. The weepholes are clearly visible on the side window (slider). I...
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    Is This My Bad?

    Yeah, a lot of places have RV-only CGs, but they always seem to have options elsewhere for tents/cars, but in this case it looks like the entire park is only open to self-contained RVs, which effectively gates out people who can't afford expensive rigs. If that is the case, it gets pretty dicey...
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    Truck and Camper Dropped Off Lift

    The fact that in bent the frame is interesting. It makes me think that these lifts are not the best for heavy rigs. I'm guessing the lift operator decides where the four lift points should go on the vehicle, and if the balance is wrong, the vehicle tips and falls off the rack. As it is tipping...
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    Water system issue

    Here is my experience with that manifold a few years ago:
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    Camp shovel suggestions

    Let's get real controversial...An Estwing Brickset/Mason's hammer is something to think about. I have found that I can't stand round shovels for anything. Yes they have a bit of a point that allegedly helps break hard ground when digging. But in reality, it is terrible for digging and doesn't...
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    Is This My Bad?

    I don't think I've ever seen a publicly-funded campground that only allows "full-blown" RVs and has no tent sites. I can't even imagine what the spirit of the rule is. Kind of reminds me of a funny encounter once at an ID state park, I was dumping gray water bucket in the clearly marked gray...
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    Water intrusion

    Non-sliding window, 2018 Hawk.
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    Water intrusion

    Wouldn't explain water in the cab over mattress area, but when we were driving through a severe rainstorm at high speeds a while back, the window frame around the front window was full of water, and it had leaked down onto the bench cushions. I thought the window seal had failed. I spoke with...
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    Have I lost my mind?

    When you get a FWC at the factory, you get a manual (and manuals for all the appliances) and someone on the staff spends the time to give you a thorough run through on all the important things NOT to do with your camper. Since you are dealing with an owner who has only had it for a short time...
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    Folding sink faucet

    Any current info on folding faucets for the round dometic sink with the faucet hole in the "diagonal offset corner" (Dometic CE2000)? We too have had the ridiculously cheap plastic faucet crack where it attaches to the "valve body" (above sink part with the control lever). Who would have thought...
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    This is it. I guess it isn't technically a PEX manifold since it has threaded connections.
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    Been a while since I've been here. Blowing out my water lines today and came back by to see if I'd forgotten anything since last year, and this old thread popped up in my search. I wanted to let everyone know my experience with just draining my 2018 Hawk side dinette several winters ago, and...
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    (Probably) Another water heater not working thread

    Thanks. That might have been my wife, who was posting to FB. We knew getting a part on the road during the weekend would be difficult. I bypassed the ECO and thermostat with a few inches of baling wire and dtermined that the board was the likely issue. We knew we wanted a Dinisaur replacement...
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    (Probably) Another water heater not working thread

    I KNOW I have seen threads like this before but trying to find one on my phone is too frustrating. We are camping and our Donetic 6gal will not stay lit. I just used it last week with no problem. We drove about 13 hours total and went to light it tonight, no luck. 2018 Hawk with Dometic 6gal...
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    Grandby Shell build, it takes a Village, a bit more install info, Zero Declination drop down shower

    We are pretty happy with our Zero Declination shower. It was a little harder to install than I anticipated. I know I measured where I would put it before I ordered, but the tent is a little wider than I thought. We have a 2018 Hawk side dinette with water heater and furnace, so the exterior...
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    Need help identifying storage bin

    I think the entire galley is probably made from a modular building system like 80/20.
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    Lift panel structural failure

    I'm no metallurgist, but from what I have heard, aluminum is pretty much shot once it is stressed. I would not trust aluminum that has folded like this to hold the bolts to any new reinforcement piece.
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    Torklift tiedowns with Hawk/Tundra

    What do you mean by "opened up"? Did the hooks bend?
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    Looking for a quality USB charging outlet to add to FWC

    We have 2 6v batteries in series in our FWC. The stock outlet panel is fine, but it is on the cabinet wall on the galley side. We have a side dinette, and I would like to add USB outlets on the dinette side, so we don't have to have usb cords going across the walkway from the galley to the...
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    Grandby Shell build, it takes a Village, a bit more install info, Zero Declination drop down shower

    Our Zero Dec arrived Friday and I will be installing it on our 2018 Hawk side dinette today or tomorrow. Ours did not have the instructions with it either, but they are available on the website. I contacted the service department at FWC before ordering it and they seemed familiar with the...
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    Dark or Black Colored Campers

    Another consideration for the smooth siding that comes in colors is that it will be more susceptible to cosmetic dings from flying pebbles on the road. That would be my main reasoning for going with the "corrugated" siding. We have the silver spur corrugated siding on our Hawk. I think it adds a...
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