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    Hole in Aluminum Repair?

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll pull the cover off today and snap a photo for ideas of the hole. Thanks!
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    Hole in Aluminum Repair?

    My 2000 Hawk is on the dolly and I just finished resealing and painting the wood base. Next step is to repair a hole on the front of the camper where the aluminum has rubbed against the bed creating a small hole. Next step is to repair the hole as well as fill a couple leftover holes from...
  3. FWC Base Finished

    FWC Base Finished

  4. FWC Base Primer

    FWC Base Primer

  5. FWC Base OG

    FWC Base OG

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    A new approach to Flatbeds and FWCs

    I’m very i retested as I’ve been all over the internet researching flatbed options for my Tundra/2000 Hawk. Located in San Diego. Product looks great!
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    Aftermarket Jackstand Ideas

    Good morning, Currently brainstorming some ideas for an alternative jack stand system to remove camper from my truck. Build is a 2000 Hawk with no jack brackets built in to the frame. Looking for an easy solution to drop the camper on a dolly in the driveway with minimal effort. I do have a...
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  9. 2000 Hawk Build

    2000 Hawk Build

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    Roof Rack Cross Bar Ideas

    Bumping this topic. I ended up finding some very reasonable aluminum cross bars online that I will mount to the aluminum framing on the roof. Has anyone just drilled heavy duty screws into the frame and had success or should I look into pulling the headliner and using carriage bolts?
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    Utah Snowboard Camping Trip

    Thank you for the responses! That all makes sense and is very fair. I get the parking situation, we are usually in the Mill lot at Mammoth before sunrise hanging and making coffee. Plans have changed though and now we are going to Bachelor! From what I’ve read there seems to be quite a few...
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    Utah Snowboard Camping Trip

    Next month I will be making my way to Jackson Hole with a week to burn in Utah on the way north from Orange County, CA and will have some time to camp and snowboard. (Ikon Pass) I am looking for any advice on camp spots dispersed or RV park/campgrounds anyone would recommend near...
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    Roof Rack Cross Bar Ideas

    Hello, I am brainstorming options for either buying or potentially DIY cross bars for the roof of my Hawk. I have had many type of different racks and cross bars from installing tracks on other vehicles as well as aluminess racks, Yakima and Thule. For this build I don’t see the necessity in...
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    Have you seen this electrical setup?

    Thank you all for the extensive replies! I will be digging into this project soon. Will update with outcome and or questions! Also no marker lights on this hawk.
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    Have you seen this electrical setup?

    I bought my 2000 FWC Hawk a few months ago and am finally getting around to trying to properly set up electrical. The way the camper is currently set up with no battery inside the camper at all and just a 3 pin connector hanging off the front of the camper. The previous owner said he would just...
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    2000 FWC Hawk build

    Thanks for all of the replies. The foam came off super easy with just wet paper towel then wiped it again with some goo gone.
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    2000 FWC Hawk build

    Just picked up a new to me, 2000 FWC Hawk. Just started with a deep cleaning inside and out and came across a few things. 1. The top lip of the lower portion of the camper had deteriorating foam that could not be salvaged so it was scrubbed down to the aluminum. Would it be necessary/ or any...
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    2007 ATC Cougar for sale - $8500

    I’m very interested. How could I contact you for photos. Thanks.
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