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  1. todgru

    Junkyard 80's Fleet Rescue and Refurb, AKA the only FWC in New Orleans

    Exciting! Looking forward to your adventure 😎
  2. todgru

    Front of camper structure

    Welcome! Here are a few pics of the front fleet frame. Let me know if you need something else. Sorry I’m on mobile so the pic UX is difficult. its always a challenge to add images to WTW posts! Todgru.
  3. IMG 6903

    IMG 6903

  4. Fleet frame

    Fleet frame

  5. IMG 6914

    IMG 6914

  6. todgru

    Toilets for FWC Shell

    Two years ago, I installed an Ogo composting toilet in my Fleet FWC shell. Fits perfectly in the corner where I removed the battery compartment. The toilet changes the game. It is worth every penny, and most importantly, the Wife is very happy with it. todgru EDIT: some...
  7. todgru

    Invasion of the Turkeys.

    We have had a high turkey count this year as well. From early fall to as late as yesterday, they’ve been all around our house. Curious bunch.
  8. todgru

    FWC Finch solar wiring

    Welcome to WTW, RockNRoller! I have a Fleet from 2016 and maybe this information will help. The solar wires terminated in the fan housing. If you remove the fan shroud inside the camper, you may be able to see the wires tucked away in the aluminum frame. This is where I found the wires for my...
  9. todgru

    Coffee Snob Stuff

    Nice to Maupin make the news! Our town has just over 500 people and two coffee roasters! The other coffee roaster is Holy Roasters in the log cabin on Highway 197, on the north side of town. The "Blonde" roast is my favorite! todgru
  10. todgru

    FS: Furnace Suburban NT-16SEQ

    Suburban NT-16SEQ I bought this new furnace in 2018 from Amazon. (product link: I installed it in my 2016 Fleet shell model. I've used it maybe a half dozen times in 2018 and 2019. I do not like to camp in cold areas, so it hasn't been used much. I removed the furnace...
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  12. front


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  14. rear


  15. Furnace NT-16SEQ

    Furnace NT-16SEQ

  16. flat


  17. profile2


  18. brackets


  19. todgru

    Rollover couch and side dinette brackets?

    I have the rollover brackets and table side mount if you want them. This is out of a 2016 Fleet with a side dinette. The cushions are available too. todgru [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:1584]
  20. IMG 1898

    IMG 1898

  21. Side Dinette Rollover

    Side Dinette Rollover

  22. todgru

    Gas lift assist strut part number for 2018 Fleet

    The link to Lift Support Depot is ...and they have many options! I'm considering increasing the lift capacity of my current stock struts.
  23. todgru

    Baja, Mexico Adventure Report

    PS: we used google maps for GPS. I downloaded the offline maps. This worked great for road navigation. Not so good for back-country. Gaia GPS worked well for looking at satellite views and offline. I use Visibile as a cell phone provider which covers Mexico. So when we did have service, the...
  24. todgru

    Baja, Mexico Adventure Report

    Power usage wasn't that big of an issue. The issue was my own: how low was I willing to draw the batteries down? 75%? 50%? 25%? Lithium will handle deep discharges very well. But as the voltage drops, the current increase to keep the equipment running at the same wattage. I'm not sure how fast...
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