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  1. PokyBro

    Forum Update - We're back! Ask your questions here.

    That did the trick, and then some! Thank you very much!
  2. PokyBro

    Forum Update - We're back! Ask your questions here.

    I like a lot about the updated forum look and feel. One question I have is regarding an older “build thread” I created back in 2016, and one I might add to periodically. When I began this thread adding media photos was pretty straightforward and easy. A change was made along the way, and...
  3. PokyBro

    Custom build - 1982 grandby ghost

    Serat, I second Wandering Sagebrush, the outside of your camper looks awesome and very well done! Would love to see a few more pics outside, and inside. Love seeing these builds, especially when you know all the thought, planning and effort to see them through! Keep up the great work Pods8...
  4. PokyBro

    Custom build - 1982 grandby ghost

    Pods8, This is looking like a great project, I just noticed tonight. Love the computer generated drawings, and love your approach to renovating the frame. Also hats off to doing your own tig welding, you’ll definitely get it the way you want it doing your own work, wish I could have had that...
  5. North of Albuquerque, NM

    North of Albuquerque, NM

  6. PokyBro

    Aurora Borealis.

    Missed sharing this when it occurred, but here you go. My wife and I went out for some dinner on Friday night, and when finished she said “wanna go try and see the northern lights, there’s some kind of uncommon solar storm causing the lights to be seen all over the country?” I was game, so away...
  7. “Northern Lights” in Southern Nevada

    “Northern Lights” in Southern Nevada

  8. “Northern Lights” in Southern Nevada

    “Northern Lights” in Southern Nevada

  9. “Northern Lights” in Southern Nevada

    “Northern Lights” in Southern Nevada

  10. PokyBro

    Canvas Replacement Material

    Grenexul, Congratulations on your Fleet purchase, and best of luck on your rebuild. Below is the link to the part of rebuilding a 1981 Grandby, shortened to a Hawk dimension, regarding making the side liner as a DIY project, and the installation. I didn’t video mine as the link to Tim above...
  11. PokyBro

    Vic Harder Added to the Site Team!

    Congratulations to becoming part of the site team Vic, you are a fantastic choice, and thanks for all your service Mr Ski. You both have been an inspiration and provided help to me in the past. I appreciate both of you! Wishing you both the best as you each march forward. Hope you continue to...
  12. PokyBro

    Free for a reason- Hawk restoration/renovation

    Been following your build, coming along nicely. I haven’t commented so far, but in case you haven’t seen my build from several years back, thought I’d copy you on it. Take a look, it might help answer some of your questions above, but maybe some other things that may come up. Let me know if you...
  13. PokyBro

    Another Sail Switch post

    In my experience, the sail switch can appear to function correctly, and even seem to be closed by plenty of air movement by fan, but still not complete the circuit so the solenoid will kick on the propane burner within the furnace. Sometimes they’re just defective. As cheap as sail switches are...
  14. PokyBro

    four wheel camper lift panel

    Hi scoutbrewer, If I’m reading this right, you completed your lift panels and have installed them to the roof and camper body, is that correct? If not, do you still need measurements on where to attach the lift panel top piano hinge to the roof, or did you get that sorted out? Have you lifted...
  15. PokyBro

    Lift Panel Replacement Help

    Hi scoutbrewer, In trying to help further with your lift panel replacement, I’m wondering what to recommend. Typically you can just reattach the piano hinges to existing holes in the ceiling, if the old holes were not over enlarged from the removal process of drilling out out the pop rivets. If...
  16. PokyBro

    FLATBED Camper Build...All Aluminum, Summer 2022

    Very nicely done! Love seeing other fabricators builds. Wishing you good luck as you continue the process, and hope all materials needed will be available. Also congrats on your retirement, it’s a wonderful experience, and a great time to tackle a big project. Hopefully you can spend time daily...
  17. PokyBro

    New camper build

    Nice job on your build, you put a lot of thought and planning into it to get your camper to a useable stage. Looks like you’ll have some nice adventures in your future. What are the plans for the interior? Any idea on weight so far? Keep up the good work!
  18. PokyBro

    Have You Had A Close Call Driving - Cheated Death?

    Long ago, driving south from Las Vegas to Phoenix, I was following slowly behind an older motor home. Back then the highway was just a single lane in each direction ( not sure if this has changed ). We were waiting for a good safe time to pass the motor home, though not too hurried to do so...
  19. PokyBro

    Thermal pack in older FWCs

    No sanding is necessary, just make sure it’s clean. The vinyl cement actually causes a chemical bonding of the two surfaces, slightly dissolving both sides and drying with a very tight permanent bond.
  20. PokyBro

    Thermal pack in older FWCs

    Hey Sloth, If you could purchase some polyester reinforced vinyl (usually comes in 60” width, and sold by the yard), and cut into two inch strips, you could put them together end to end to get your camper length, then have the 2 inch Velcro stitched on top. After that, you could use HH-66 vinyl...
  21. PokyBro

    2000 FWC Hawk build

    WesAlan, When I did my rebuild of a 1981 Grandby, I used thin auto carpet material I bought at Walmart, which I cut into 4-5” wide strips, and then use spray on contact cement to adhere it around the perimeter of the camper body, sandwiched between the inside paneling and the outside metal...
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    240FA560 946A 43AF 9B5A 4827BCDA42F0

    Restored roof clamp
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    5C124B2E AFB7 449F 9270 B6D92A545B3F

    Cover material for side wall tubing
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    5D9F0ED3 EA84 4FF7 AC2F 0C2210CA037D

    Cleaned, derusted, painted hold down clamps
  25. PokyBro

    2013 Grandby rear flood lights.. alternative?

    I bought some reasonably priced led floods from Tractor Supply. They’re 6 years old, and continue to perform well. Very bright for rear of camper.
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