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    Any Alaksan's in Calgary, Alberta?

    Having owned an FWC Hawk and now an Alaskan, it will be very hard for me to go back to something with fabric type walls. The solid wall sealing of Alaskan is incomparable and much desired camped in snow in the Oregon high desert. As for the Pirelli seals, in the PNW weather they should last 6-7...
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    Upland Hunter’s Camper

    Thanks for your vote for that area. I have multiple UCAP, A&H and BLM lands shortlisted for scouting before next season. Now just need to convince my teenager that it is more fun to go scouting than playing video games.
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    Trade 2000 Alaskan Cabover 10’ Camper for an 8’ or 8.5’ Camper?

    Yep, plan to mount the camper and drive up to his new shop once the weather gets a bit warmer and less rainy. Too bad the new Alaskan website has removed the for sale / trade posts. That used to be a good meeting place for buyers/sellers of Alaskan. Campers
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    Upland Hunter’s Camper

    Dogs bring a different level of pleasure to upland. We haven't graduated to ownership yet so seek out folks with them, Good to know Snake had them this year. Hopefully they will be there for next season too. We are slowly making our way east.... spent this season in the Deschutes/John Day canyons.
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    Upland Hunter’s Camper

    Would love to see the inhabitants of the lower level ...... GSP's? GWP? or? Better can you get his GPS tracking file instead. :) Our pursuits of the devil birds have only resulted in very long hikes this last season. Ozzy
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  7. Alaskan 2024 Pics

    Alaskan 2024 Pics

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    Trade 2000 Alaskan Cabover 10’ Camper for an 8’ or 8.5’ Camper?

    This is a long shot, but does not hurt to put it out there….. I am looking to downsize from my current 10ft Cabover Alaskan to an 8ft or 8.5ft Cabover Alaskan. Maybe there is someone out there who wants to move up to a larger 10ft camper and would be willing to trade with +cash. My camper has...
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    Bryan Wheat has left Alaskan to start his own RV service and restoration shop

    and Bryan Wheat and his crew are up and running with the new here: Need to make a trip up to Chehalis, WA unless someone already has and can report on the new place and projects underway.......Ozzy
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    Bryan Wheat has left Alaskan to start his own RV service and restoration shop

    Bos, noticed the same and posts by Bryan on a few other pages I keep an eye on. He has been immensely helpful to me, answered a ton of questions during my rebuild and helped with needed parts. Glad he is staying in the business and will offer services in the same area. As for the new website...
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    IOTA iQ4 Module - Free to a good home

    This is the original IQ4 module w/cable only. Connects via the included cable to the DLS30 to improve charging. This is the original version for lead acid battery and single green color LED that you have to count flashes for. Was working fine when replaced battery to Li and changed the module...
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    Fair Value 1978 Alaskan 8 foot cab over ?

    You can always give Bryan Wheat a call at Alaskan and he will give you a good idea. I have found him to be extremely helpful and has answered a ton of questions for me. Other than that previous For Sale ad's on this Forum as well as postings on CL, FB will give you an idea of the asking price...
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    Alaskan camper - Connecting top and bottom wiring ideas

    PNWAC, I am in the middle of undoing and redoing the PO's electrical system on a 2000's era 10' CO. To give you some ideas, PO was carrying kayaks in addition to a 200W solar panel so built a heavy-duty rack. The top to bottom in that era of camper is via a bundle of cables wrapped in a...
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  16. UpDown Conduit

    UpDown Conduit

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    Solar Gland

  18. Solar Panel Install

    Solar Panel Install

  19. Alaskan Electrical

    Alaskan Electrical

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    New to us '00 10Ft CO Alaskan and question about camper jack extensions

    Closing out my original post here to help someone out in the future.... I ended up getting 3"x3" 5/16" square wall tubing (12" piece from Amazon was $39). Cut it up into 2 - 6" lengths, drilled 4 holes in each using the jack mounting holes as template. Grade #8 bolts from ACE. Attached to...
  21. Sq Tube Ext Tires

    Sq Tube Ext Tires

  22. Sq Tube Extension

    Sq Tube Extension

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    Bracket Extension

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