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    Six-Pac T100s Camper on a Tacoma

    Hey there, I know there have been of few of these Six-Pac T100s campers sold here of WTW. But the info on them is minimal. And so I am just trying to get some input from the people who either have had one on a Tacoma or do have one on a Tacoma. Whatcha think? The good, the bad, the ugly...
  2. Z

    Four Wheel Blazer Pop-up, Finally found one

    Hey all- I've been looking for a Blazer model 4wheel camper for a very long time. I found it finally last week on Craigslist and checked it out yesterday and ultimately pulled the trigger despite some flaws. First off the target vehicle the camper is destined for. I've got a 1991 Blazer that...
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