1. W

    Atwood Heater woes (won’t light) please help!

    Hi there. I’m a newb to FWCs and only had my Ranger since September. I kinda got screwed and didn’t have enough time to thoroughly check out the onboard systems before purchase and couldn’t get the heater to fire or the fridge to work before I took possession of the camper. I got pretty lucky...
  2. Yukon

    Are Atwood Furnaces Reliable?

    I have a 7 year old, 4-Wheel, Eagle, that I bought new with furnace. Atwood 8500 Series. The entire time I have had the furnace it has failed over and over. Each time a different problem (switches, regulator, circuit board, etc, and each time at the worse possible time (I.e. COLD weather...
  3. J

    Wedgewood Owners Manual

    Thought it might be helpful to post this owner's manual for an Atwood/Wedgewood stove that's in my '72 Alaskan - tomorrow I'm diving into mine to get it working right
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