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    solar install

    I got two 100 watt renogy panels I am planning on installing to rhino tracks I bought. I am concerned on where to drill through the roof for the wire panel. Anyone got recommendations on where I should attach this and why? I am planning on have the cabinets on the driver side with a roll over...
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    K5 camper WANTED

    WANTED: K5 Blazer pop up camper. Any shape , willing to travel. I know they are hard to find but gotta try. Thanks for any and all help
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    Desert Trip 2020- San Raphael Swell Utah

    Details prior to the start of the trip: Discussions started in January between the core group deciding the target week and location of choice. General location is central Utah within the San Raphael Swell. We all do our own research for trail choices and voiced ideas and I went to work...
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    RimRocker trail and Blazer Bash in Moab

    This is the trip report for my trip to Moab for the event called Blazer Bash. Think of Easter Jeep safari, but with full size GM trucks and less crowds. My normal Buddies I wheel with couldn’t make it, but a buddy from Denver was planning on going too and we had suggested drving out together...
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    Four Wheel Blazer Pop-up, Finally found one

    Hey all- I've been looking for a Blazer model 4wheel camper for a very long time. I found it finally last week on Craigslist and checked it out yesterday and ultimately pulled the trigger despite some flaws. First off the target vehicle the camper is destined for. I've got a 1991 Blazer that...
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    1983 FWC Blazer Model on a First Gen Blazer

    I just picked up a first generation Blazer that came equipped with a 1983 Blazer version of the FWC pop up. Wanted to show the group and get any feedback on the current value or the places to check for a few pieces that look to be damaged and need repaired or replaced like the outer clamshell...
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