1. S

    2023 Bundutec Roadrunner for sale 35k

    **Located in Colorado Springs, CO** More pics on request due to file size limits. 2023 Bundutec Roadrunner. We kept the build pretty spartan to save on weight and because we spend our time primarily outside the camper.Has all...
  2. AWG_Pics

    Story Map in depth analysis of Marshall Fire in Colorado

    This is a fascinating close look at most, if not all, aspects of the Marshall Fire in late December last year. Very informative way to present lots of complex data.
  3. W

    For Sale

  4. buckland

    Chevy 2.8 diesel ZR2

    For those interested in matching a truck to camper.... I will say I love my Colorado diesel with the Eagle camper combo. Three years and doing great. I changed the shocks (Bilstein 5100 RHA which allows the front adjustment 2" higher) and a Boise Spring Works leaf spring pack) and leaf springs...
  5. E

    SOLD - Maxed out 2015 FWC Fleet - Excellent condition - 20k

    The sale went through and this is no longer available. Thanks for looking. 2 way fridge 12V 120V Forced air furnace DSI water heater with outside shower 20 gal fresh water tank Powered roof Fantastic Fan + second vent. Large side awning, single crank, easy to operate Rear LED flood lights...
  6. S

    PHOENIX PULSE POP-UP CAMPER Self Contained ALUMINUM 18 MPG Shower Tacoma $13k

    Camper is located in Portland, OR and is available for showings unless I am out of town. Unique slide in small truck camper that gets attention wherever it goes. I usually get 18 MPG at 70 MPH with a V-6. Ultra lightweight camper custom built fits Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado and New Ranger...
  7. L

    Rocky Mt Overland Rally Aug 1 2019 travel route suggestions

    I will be driving from Houston, TX to the Overland Rally in Gunnison, CO at the end of July. I'm looking for suggestions as to possible easy to moderate overland travel routes. My loose plan is to stop at Guadalupe Mt National Park, then head up to somewhere near the Taos,NM area then thru Lake...
  8. P

    Flippac Camper Topper Long Bed $1000 Golden, CO SOLD

    We are selling our Flippac as we have recently changed vehicles. This is a Flippac for a long bed truck only - 8 ft. I am not sure of the year, but we were it's second owners. It's in decent shape with all windows and canvas intact, but full disclosure, we did recently discover the torsion bar...
  9. B

    BOUGHT cancel WTB: Alaskan 8-foot cabover

    Howdy: I can't figure out how to cancel this ad. But it did lead me to my new-to-me 1971 8-foot cabover Alaskan. Thanks for viewing and the tips, Bill
  10. Moraine Park sunrise

    Moraine Park sunrise

    November 2014 sunrise from Moraine Park near campground.
  11. Hallmark shop

    Hallmark shop

    November 2014, Hallmark RV, Fort Lupton, Colorado
  12. Hallmark delivery

    Hallmark delivery

    November 2014, Hallmark RV, Fort Lupton, Colorado
  13. dorocks

    Silverton CO 2013 Mineral Creek Day 5

    Here is another day of pictures. We had gone up Mineral Creek. Mineral Creek follows a stream along great overlook roads. We diverted off unto Poughkeepsie Gulch trail later. I wanted to see if I could make it up this difficult rated trail in my mostly stock Jeep Rubicon. It was a beautiful...
  14. Never Summer Wilderness, Bowen Lake

    Never Summer Wilderness, Bowen Lake

  15. Never Summer Wilderness, Colorado

    Never Summer Wilderness, Colorado

    A 7 mile hike brought us to the Never Summer Wilderness where we caught and released native trout and camped overnight. We had a cow moose in the lake that evening and had the lake to ourselves. The following day we caught more fish and walked out via the Blue ridge trail before the thunder...
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