1. M

    SOLD: 2021 FWC Grandby and 2022 F250 flatbed

    In a great example of “best laid plans often go awry”, we’re selling our 2021 FourWheel Camper Grandby flatbed rig. We had big plans for this rig and our family, however, some recent arrivals (twins!) have forced us to reconsider our priorities. We hope someone here will get to benefit from this...
  2. T

    Perfect springs For Your Superduty/FWC Expododition Camper Built By Deaver 2000lb Capacity 4.5in lif

    Springs fit 2011-2016 F250/350. I sold my FWC and had new springs built, so these need to go. $940 I prefer local pick up, buyer can arrange and pay for freight/shipping springs are over 5 feet long and weigh 110lbs each. Located in Los Osos California Picture of the truck is my previous...
  3. A

    Alumiduty Build - Camper Prep

    Hey everyone, I’m new here, stumbled across this page yesterday. Be warned this will likely be a long post and I was unsure whether I should put this in the camper section or here, but there will be a good bit about the truck...figured this will work. At any rate I’ve been looking at FWC’s for...
  4. photohc

    F250 cab clearance with Hawk

    Had my 2013 Hawk on a 2013 F150 and just got my new 2018 F250. What I thought would be a 5" clearance from the top of the truck cab to the bottom of Hawk overhang is actually 2" with this new truck. FWC is saying, I should really have a 3"-6" clearance to be safe. I wonder if anyone has had...
  5. K

    SOLD: FWC 2005 Hawk shell & 2006 F250 diesel

    SOLD: 2006 Ford F-250 Lariat diesel with cap and 2005 Four Wheel Camper Hawk shell The perfect set up for 4-wheel back country adventures! $22,000 for entire set up. https://goo.gl/photos/VKCcAgfYF9K3zQFd8 2006 Ford F250 Lariat diesel w/ 143,xxx miles - great condition, only 2nd owner -...
  6. dans truck

    dans truck

    Here is our Grandby following the install by the staff of ARV in So Calif.
  7. B

    Granville on a F150?

    I currently have my Granby on a 1988 F250. I'm planning on upgrading to a newer truck (2010-2014). Can a F150 handle this camper, or should I be looking at a F250? If I get a F150, will a six- cylinder be enough, or should I go for an eight? Are there any problem fitting a Granby made in 2002...
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