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    Sold. *delete*

    For sale is my 2018 four wheel camper grandby ute which is the 8 ft flatbed model, mounted on a 2008 Ram 2500 6 liter diesel with 145,xxx miles on it. $60,000 for the setup. I would like to sell the truck and camper together, but offers are welcome for someone wanting to purchase just the...
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    **SOLD** 2018 All Terrain Camper Cougar

    Sold! 2018 All Terrain Camper Model: Cougar for full size truck with 8’ bed or 6’ with tail gate down Very similar to Four Wheel Camper Granby 1000lbs Location: Santa Cruz $13,500 This camper is a shell model in great condition with some extras: -200 watt solar panels -Renogy solar controller...
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    **SOLD** 2003 FWC Granby Sold & 2004 GMC 2500HD For Sale

    I am selling the camper truck combo as is for $22,000 or the camper separate for $10,000. It is located in Loveland, Colorado. **The Camper has been sold** Camper: I am not sure of the year however FWC identified it as a 2003 or early 2004 model. It is extremely clean and in great shape. It...
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    Chasing Tails Baja Roadtrip 2021

    Being from the Midwest allows us to explore coast to coast with relative ease. Sure, no oceans or 14ers here, but summertime on the Great Lakes is cool and the Ozarks are also pretty amazing. The Rockies, Blue Ridge, Gulf of Mexico and Lake Superior are all just full days drive away. So yea, we...
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    Most popular size or model of a FWC

    What is the most popular or produced FWC model. My observations indicate it would be a Fleet?
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    Purchased first FWC (used). Remodeling questions!

    My wife and I recently purchased our first FWC and couldn't be more excited. Here is a pic from our trip home from to UT from MT. The camper came with some of the original paperwork, which I thought some might find interesting. There is a handwritten note from a former owner (not the most...
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    FWC roof load problem

    Our '04 granby has Yakima rails mounted the length of the camper with 3 load bars. We have a rocket box on one side and two surf boards on the other and a 3 gallon rotopax fuel can. We have a deflated paddle board (~40lbs) and a couple other light weight things in the rocket box. Total weight...
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    (SOLD) 2003 FWC Granby Price Drop $7700, Durango,CO FWC-Granby 8 Foot Pop-Up Slide in camper. Four Wheel Camper is based out of Woodland, CA. The framing is made of aluminum and therefore they are very light and make for a very strong camper both on and off road. This particular camper was...
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    FS: 2003 Four Wheel Camper-Granby 8'

    Four Wheel Camper 2003-Granby 8'-$8K Durango, CO FWC-Granby 8' Solar Roof Rack Maxx Air Fan 10 speed, rain sensor, reverse mode Fridge Sink Outdoor Shower hook up that needs a stronger water pump. Has pump and it works. Table/chairs Queen bed Lift assist struts ARB awning Rotopax fuel cell...
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    Reducing weight

    It seems everybody wants to carry more, move from a 1/2 ton to 3/4, 3/4 to 1 ton, the high-end "expedition" campers are now on a Ford F550 chassis. That's the American way. Bigger is better, but what about the classic European expeditionary vehicles based on a Land Rover Defender where you have...
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    late 90's early 2000 8ft Four Wheel Granby for sale

    Needs some TLC but still functions fine.... Near Taos, NM Our CL ad Cheers, Atom...
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