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    I built a new version of the Flippac!

    This has been a long time in the making but glad to finally have it "done." There are still a couple of things I'm gonna do to it as we all know the project is never really done. Full build thread: https://jimbobbarnett.com/stories/2019/4/28/the-jim-bob-camper This was not in partnership...
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    Hodakaguy's Vagabond Camper/Truck Build

    With our previous Tacoma's and Four Wheel Camper Sold it's time to harness my super squirrel powers and start in on another project. We just returned from a 1700 mile two day road trip to pick up our new Camper at the Vagabond factory in CA. The guys at Vagabond are a great bunch! We were...
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    FS: Goose Gear habitat folding bench seats and platform

    I was going to buy a habitat at McNeil Overland in ATL but changed. They were ordered for a Tacoma short bed and I do not know the compatibility with other trucks, but they might be universal. There is a NEW Goose Gear sleeping platform and the folding benches. They have never been opened...
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    For Sale 2012 Toyota Tacoma Set Up For Camper-Habitat-FlipPac

    After selling my FWC, I've decided to sell my 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab with 6ft Bed. ** Located in Seattle ** If you are looking to upgrade your Tacoma for camping, this truck is ready to go. Upgraded suspension & airbags easily support a FWC, Habitat, or FlipPac. Dual Batteries in...
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    WTB Short bed Flippac for DCSB Taco

    Looking to buy a Flippac in good condition for my 2003 First gen Double cab tacoma. I'm in so cal but will travel of have shipped from just about anywhere. Thanks for the help. Cheers Brandon
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