1. milt

    Goen Still

    Hey guys, took a couple of weeks to beat the summer crowd and enjoy some silence. [By the way, here's a link to a collection, off-site, of my Illustrated Journals.] (to be continued...)
  2. milt

    Drawn Down in the Desert

    Hey guys did the desert for a couple of weeks social distencen, and drawen. MarkBC will help me put the pics up. Milt's Gallery: Drawn Down to the Desert More to come... [MarkBC)
  3. milt

    Late Summer in the Eastern Sierra

    two weeks loafing and drawing a picture every day
  4. milt

    Backyard Backroads

    camping for a week never more than 50 miles from home,
  5. milt

    Tripping North

    Just another trip, come on along
  6. south To The salton sea1

    south To The salton sea1

  7. milt

    circling central california

    hey guys just another chapter
  8. ccc1


  9. another Day @ tomales Bay

    another Day @ tomales Bay

    don't draw much close to home but stuck in a couple
  10. milt

    long weekend kayaking and camping at Tomales Bay

    on a search for solitude all by myself again
  11. milt

    Wandering Western Sierra

    Never liked crowds so waited for Labor Day weekend to end and hit the road for another adventure. Two weeks on the road. Less than a week after returning they had snow. Every day I'm still drawing a new picture.
  12. Sep 3 sierras

    Sep 3 sierras

    On the road again with my kayak on top of my camper and total freedom.
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