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    Mounting Rack on Roof versus Hitting Wires

    Hi there, I'd like to mount a roof rack, but I want to be sure that if I drill into the aluminum frame member, I won't hit any wires. Question: Does FWC place wires within the actual frame members (or am I safe to drill there)? I really appreciate everyone's advice - thank you very much! Karl
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    yakima track length

    My camper roof is 120" with a single vent in it. What length yakima tracks for racks do I need to order so I can set my solar up? Thanks
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    Roof Camper Rack Installation

    I have a 2001 10' cabover camper and want to install a rack using brackets similar to the ones that are installed by the factory. I intend to install the front rack brackets in the location where they are installed by the factory. I want to install the rear brackets along the side of the camper...
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    FWC Roof Rack - Portland OR FREE

    Time to move it. I removed the factory roof rack to install more solar panels (and went to a "side rack" for my stuff). Complete with screws and hole covers. It's maybe 10 lbs, but awkward to ship.
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    Installing Yakima track system roof rack on older camper

    I've got a 2005 Eagle and would like to add a Yakima track roof rack system. Obviously the roof has been pre-drilled to install the roof, so that means we'd have to remove 8-10 screws per side, and then either plug the holes or (hopefully) re-use the holes where possible when installing the...
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    Optimal location for roof rack cross bars

    I've recently purchased a 2005 FWC Eagle (2-piece roof) and would like to add a roof rack to carry paddleboards, canoe, etc. What is the optimal front-to-back location to position the roof rack cross-bars? One consideration I have is loading my canoe (~70lbs). I thought I might be able to add...
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    FWC Stansard Aluminum Roof Rack $50

    Going to a modern rack system, willing to ship. Located: Everett WA Seller: Hunter
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    WTB- Yakima roof rack system (bars, towers, landing pads)

    My Eagle already has Yakima tracks installed by FWC and I am looking to buy the remaining components. Looking for: 4- Yakima SkyLine Towers or Yakima Control Towers 4- Yakima Control Tower Landing Pads, model LP1. 2- Crossbars, either the round or the "aero" Core Bars I am located in Los...
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    Solar Panel Mount on FWC Roof Question

    OK, 100 watt Renogy rigid panel is ordered. Curious how you all have mounted rigid panels on your FWCs. I have a '17 Fleet with Yakima tracks. I have one rear roof vent, and do not have one over the bed. Prefer not to add holes to roof and wish to use the Yakima tracks. Advise appreciated.
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    Bobcat Roof Rack Dilemma

    Sorry I haven't been posting, but I've probably spent more nights in my camper, which I picked up last Easter from The Guys, than I have in my own bed! But - I digress. My problem is with my roof rack. When Marty asked me if I wanted the Yakima rack cut in two and positioned at each end, I said...
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    Side Mount Surf and SUP Rack for FWC

    The Rails are made by a Canadian Company, Supertrac by SuperClamp, they are meant for truck box anchors and are rated for 2000b, much higher than the camper wall! Foam blocks are used to cushion the boards or whatever else you attached. I used Sika 221 for a sealant and long SS bolts...
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