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    2021 Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi, 16k mi, w/ FWC Hawk Woolrich Flatbed & MITS Tray *NEW PRICE*

    Keeping the original post: Hi Everyone, After major job changes for both my Fiancé and myself in the past 3 months, we’re considering selling our dream rig as we just simply don’t use it like we’ve used our previous 2 FWC’s in the past. This thing doesn’t deserve to sit around. We absolutely...
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    **SOLD** - FS: FWC Hawk Flatbed -$41,800

    For Sale: Hawk Flatbed Four Wheel Camper ** $41,800 ** (Compare to New at $58,300 as spec'd (before tax) - This new pricing estimate is not including some upgrades accessories provided in sale) Reasonable offers will be considered. Detailed Listing with photos at...
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    Sold. *delete*

    For sale is my 2018 four wheel camper grandby ute which is the 8 ft flatbed model, mounted on a 2008 Ram 2500 6 liter diesel with 145,xxx miles on it. $60,000 for the setup. I would like to sell the truck and camper together, but offers are welcome for someone wanting to purchase just the...
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    Too bright LED lights over bed

    Hello all, We've recently become the proud owners of a new Hallmark Ute/Guanella hybrid. Love it. However, what we don't love are the LED lights in the bed area: they are WAY too bright by which to read. They are the same as the rest of the ceiling lights and therefore feel like you're looking...
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    Hallmark Ute LTD Bobbed Tail

    Last spring I had to put my camper into the garage to dry it out after the roof leaked. I decided to fix the rear of the camper while it was in there. The reason for the fix: 1) PO damaged the rear of the camper by hitting something with the jacks 2) I wanted to split up the grey and black...
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    2008 Hallmark Ute XS SOLD

    SOLD - Potential buyer on the 20th. Don't miss out on this. For Sale !! Hard to find 2008 Hallmark Ute XS! Save thousands over a new model yet get virtually the same features and avoid the wait to have it built. Hallmark just raised the price of a new Ute to $36,000!! This is loaded and in...
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