And Suddenly It's Summer 2024!

I took a look at my AC. It needs a good cleaning but it won't shut off long enough for me to do the work!
Officially we hit 113 yesterday. My home weather station read 110. Interesting because my home station usually ready 2-3 degrees more than the official temp.
Again nice and cool here at the coast.We are lucking out with all the hot temps.Usually when the temp hits the triple digits in the valley ours are also higher then normal.But this go around the hot cell seems to be over the central area of the state and the cool breeze is being "sucked" in off the ocean.The temp difference is close to 50*. Glad to live next to 55* water.
I learned not to mess with hot stuff when I was a child. Sad story but I just don't understand why people have to "experience" extreme heat.
Stopped by our swimming hole on the Eel river before we shot down to the property on the coast. It hit 116*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We sat in the water for 5 hours straight. Not a bad way to coexist with the heat.


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Got some relief down at the beach and on the boat. 70*s felt just right.


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The heat sure made the animals not really give a hoot about us. The fox took over on our table as we sat on the deck. She even invited her deer friend.


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