Cleaning black stains on vinyl


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May 7, 2024
Torrance, CA
Has anyone used a cleaner other than 303 that does a better job at removing stains without damaging the vinyl?

I used the 303 cleaner (not the protectant) to scrub but while it removed dirt and grime well, these black stains remained.

Separately, the previous owner used sticky velcro, and it’s starting to deteriorate. Has anyone used ‘Goo Gone’ or other chemicals to remove such a sticky adhesive?

Thanks in advance for any tips on things you have tried successfully.

Sorry I'm not going to answer your question but chime in to say I have the same issue. If I weren't worried about weakening the vinyl or dissolving it, there are lots of cleaners (solvents, mostly) that I would try. But it's too scary. I'm sure someone here has used something besides soap and water (which did remove a lot of the grime on my vinyl top. Anyone?
Update: I cautiously used some Super Clean (Original, described as "a magic bullet for fighting stubborn grease and oil residue found on a variety of surfaces. Cut through grease, grime, oil, wax, dirt, and tar, and remove scuff marks and stains without affecting the finish and quality of the surface"). It did, with a small stiff scrub brush, take off most of my black streaks. It didn't seem to mar the surface, or take any of the sheen off, which I would consider a sign that it's harming the material. I don't know if I should continue cleaning with this product--still wary of causing damage.
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