Heads Up - US Dogs in Canada

Riley is chipped and I just got a copy of his vaccination status today for the lady who will be watching him next week but proof of microchipping? Couldn't they just scan the chip for verification? Leave it to the government to make something that should be simple complicated.
These rules are absolutely ridiculous. A search of the CDC website shows no mention of a rabies outbreak and states that neither Canada or Mexico are high risk areas.
Never brought a dog through CA customs but I'm assuming the rabies vaccine requirement was always in place, and that the chip requirement is new?
Rabies vaccine has been in place for quite awhile. What's new are the chip, uploading a photo of your dog and the completion of a form online within I believe 10 days of your crossing to the specific border crossing you will use. THis is not unlike Canada's requirements to cross the border during Covid (minus the chip requirement).
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