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Nov 17, 2013
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For no known reason, I started using LR Classic when I went to Creative Cloud. I have LR on the desktop, but have never used it.

A question for the LR gurus, do you find one more capable and/or easy to use than the other?
I’m most definitely not a guru and I might be wrong but believe that LR Classic has more abilities than LR. I understand that Adobe is constantly working at integrating “missing” features from Classic in LR , probably/hopefully to eventually allow us to use one integrated application.

The two interfaces are also sufficiently different that if you started with Classic, the transition to LR is a pain.

That said, if you are starting out, most of the abilities are in LR and you could arguably said to be easier to use.

I’m sure you will get others perspective as well.
I often pass images or groups of images to Photoshop from LR and then back again. That works pretty good since I updated my computer last fall. I also work with helicon and DXO plugins in LR Classic -- they work very well.
My work flow is pretty simple these days. After getting the dogs, I slowed down with photography, and unfortunately forgot a lot oh my PS technique. Right now, the only plug-ins I’m using is the Nik set in PS. Usually just noise reduction and output sharpening.

With LRc, it’s just a few adjustments, lens profile, then into PS.
Lightroom Classic is targeted for Desktop use while Lightroom is cloud based and more for mobile use. If you haven't used Lightroom Classic lately, they have made major changes allowing for easier masking and targeted adjustments. Photoshop is still needed for many nuanced changes, however Lightroom Classic is more powerful than ever and great for quickly processing multiple images.
When Lightroom went creative cloud as a subscription base there was only one version. Later they created a different version for people that wanted to keep images and stuff in the cloud. So they called the original Lightroom Classic. Good choice for having the classic version. I've seen people on trips that don't have a connection to the mothership having issues.

We have been with Lightroom since version 2. It works great as a database for searching and keywording images. Fast to search.

As what was mentioned there are new beneficial features that were added in the last updates. Google these to find out.

If going to Photoshop from Lightroom my gal uses the transfer feature. Right click on image, "Edit in" "open as a smart object in Photoshop"

I see more people using Nix and Topaz while in Photoshop then back to Lightroom

If you are using DXO Photolab here is the method to go from Lightroom.

You can do this from the Lightroom menu by selecting “File | Plug-in Extras | Transfer to DxO PhotoLab”. This opens PhotoLab and passes the RAW file or files for processing. After applying your adjustments in PhotoLab you can use the “Export to Lightroom” option to send the images back to Lightroom.

It passes to DXO the RAW file without Lightroom converting it or applying edits. So don’t use “Edit In” feature.

Here is a u-tube to show it quickly.

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