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Oct 11, 2019
Heading to Alaska an what to take Canadian 93/97 through rockies. Is there any Canadian fourm on here. Or info about this route.??
Heading to Alaska an what to take Canadian 93/97 through rockies. Is there any Canadian fourm on here. Or info about this route.??
Dennis PM member Vic Harder he should be able give you some good info.
Do you plan to take the Cassiar Hwy? It's a great route check my 2009 Alaskan trip on my blog for some photos.
Have a great trip.
Go up one and back the other? Both routes have spectacular sections, but your biggest concern is wildfire. We have twice in our travels had to take a different route than 97 and 93 has also had closures.

A + to the Cassiar highway - and it's less likely to have smoke from fires to the east. We drove it last fall - Portland, Vancouver Island, ferry to Prince Rupert, and then north. We had one day of smoke and only one small wildfire along the route

Some useful wildfire & smoke maps:

There are also Android and iPhone and iPhone apps. I use
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One leg of your trip should include the section of road known as the "Icefields Parkway". It goes between Lake Louise and Jasper. One of the top 10 scenic drives in the world. If you search for trip reports/planning up to Alaska you should find several. Craig333 has made the trip more than once, as I recall. I've yet to go, although the trip is planned out and ready to execute on... just need 4 months with no family/work/grandkid obligations!
Thanks !last time up we hit hyder Alaska ! Bus for fish then up to view that glacier
Nest Saturday. Notes lol it's a " tool road" need Canadian park pass to use anthat costly ...an Calgary stampede starts July 5th .where expecting lots of crowds on highway
No, if you only drive through, without sightseeing, no detour, you don't need a park-pass.
How many days will you have and where to Alaska will you go. We drove almost all that roads through B.C. and Alasko so often, everytime with a Truck-camper. So maybe I can answer some question.
And sorry for joining in so late, I found this thread just now.
Nope to return by ferry in September. So a few months. First path up through Canada to Chicken AK.
By ferry to where? Vancouver? Seattle?
And again: how many days will you have for your drive (from where) to the north?
Driving time, whatever route you'll take, from Vancouver to Chicken will be at least 40 hours, means 9 - 10 days driving, hands on wheels, almost no time for stopping and sightseeing.
On your way out of Canada & just before reaching Dawson City, you might consider taking the Dempster Hwy diversion to the Arctic Ocean. Depending on your rig (don’t recommend motor home or trailer) it’s a majestic 900m out & back that has no equal. Rough road with few services—take 2 spares & several cans of tire seal. Well worth the effort
WanderingSagebrush: Thank yo sooooo much. I get a red face! But I wrote before in an german forum and was so focused there, that I didn't recognise that here is the speach english.

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