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Mar 8, 2019
Just bought a 1978 CO that has had some restoration work done on it. Those of you who have installed a battery, where did you choose to put it?
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I have a '75 CO that I rebuilt and I went with LiFePO4 lithium. I added a induction cooktop and a good sized dc refrigerator and went with a 400ah rack mount battery that hangs vertically in the space under one of the dinette seats. As I'm sure you know, lithiums are safe to use inside and don't need venting. I had to do it again I would have gone with multiples of something like this one that has low temp charging protection and bluetooth.
When I replaced the icebox in my 65 with a modern 12V fridge, I ended up with tons of room behind the new fridge for the battery/bms and other modern electronics like chargers, transfer switch, inverter, solar controller.
For my '63 NCO restoration I installed tandem LiFePO4 lithium batteries under the dinette seat. You're definitely in the right place for questions, answers, information, and images of how others have restored their Alaskans. Best of luck on your restoration!

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