WTB FWC Eagle east coast


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Nov 18, 2016
Cash in hand!!
For a FWC Eagle any year any condition
Willing to travel anywhere on the east coast and as far west as Chicago
May also consider a Fleet.
Lmk ready to buy Now!!
There’s two eagles in Vermont .
I’m selling my front dinette 2018 .
Hey man!.. its been a while hope all is well.
Ya the 2 in Vermont are too over priced to make a realistic offer on lol.
Your camper looks awsome,super clean!!
Good luck with the sale 👍
@TacomaJeff I feel you on the plight of the east-coaster! I ended up having a camper shipped from CO via a less-than-load trucker. Wanna say it cost about $1200, which I thought was reasonable. That might open up some more options for you. Best of luck with your search!
Hello everyone
I’m new to wtw. I’m with you guys on the used prices! What’s the deal? I live in Reno and there is a couple all terrain units for sale in this area. One is five years and one is 8 yrs old. One is a shell and he is 1500 off new. The other is loaded and it’s 2000 off new! I’ll just buy new! What kind of deal should be realistic for a 5yr old atc panther? Confused why these guy want so much. Plus Atc will deliver very very reasonably! Thanks for any input
The FWC/ATC camper does not depreciate as fast as most campers, mostly because of the Aluminum framing. No rot. Plus they are built really well. Why pay only $2K less than brand new? Well, if you want to go camping, you can pay what they are asking or wait (not sure what the lead time is now) for it.

Good campers. Worth every penny.
Thanks for the input! I only recently decided I need a pop up. I’ve been fine in the back of truck with a shell. But I’m getting old and wanting more convenience and comfort.
Also finding out that fwc and atc are the way to go. I’m thinking new atc at this point unless something close to reno comes available.
Thanks again
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