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    **SOLD** 2012 ATC Bobcat For Sale - Needs Repair

    I'm selling my 2012 Bobcat shell. It needs work. A tree limb fell on it and damaged the roof. Located in northern Indiana, about 1 hr from Chicago. I'm asking $3500 obo.
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    2001 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

    Selling a 2001 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Price: $7,000 Located in Chico California This is a great camper, it’s made for 6.5 foot beds but can also work with short beds with the tail gate down. Bought this camper used last March. Moving and I do not have space to bring it with me. All...
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    2020 SoCal Teardrop High Sierra - Bozeman, MT

    We are putting our 2020 SoCal Teardrop High Sierra 5x9 trailer up for sale. Outstanding product and has served our family very well over the last 3+ years. We have camped on rivers, the coast, all four seasons, mountains, desert, and many places in between. I am happy to answer any questions...
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    We're selling our Roamin Chariot (Montana)

    After a year or so of use of our camper we've unfortunately gotta put it up for sale. We used it for approximately 25 nights in the last year and it works like a champ but we're looking ahead at a couple of years where it won't get much use and would rather somebody else enjoy it than leave it...
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    For Sale - New Dometic Propane heater $550.00 OBO

    Dometic RV Forced Air Propane Heater/Furnace Model DFSD12111. New, unused, excellent condition, but no longer in box; comes with manual and duct adapters. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This unit is typically installed in tent campers, truck campers and small travel trailers due to...
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    For Sale: 2023 FWC Hawk + 2012 Silverado Truck - Colorado

    2023 FWC Hawk + 2012 Silverado Truck - Western Slope, Colorado Package price: $63,400 (firm) 2023 FWC Hawk (Original Owner) New Hawk camper. We purchased it in April 2023! Condition is new, barely used. Base Price: $25,625 +Options: $7,520 +taxes/fees Total: $36,000 Hawk Features: Siding...
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    **SOLD** Roamin Chariot for Sale - Portland Metro, Oregon

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    2000 Eagle? Twin bed/couch storage

    Hey Everyone! I need some help as the 2000 Eagle model I bought was gutted before I got my hands on it. I am looking for inspo pics or dimensions from other peoples Eagle models for the couch framing. As you can see in the first image it was totally empty but the guy did have the couches that...
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    2021 Front Dinette Hawk Four Wheel Camper - Springfield, MA

    Sold to a nice family. Thanks for all the inquiries.
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    2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport W/ Vagabond "Drifter" Camper

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    2019 Four Wheel Campers Fleet- Costa Mesa, Ca

    have a Four Wheel Camper Fleet that I am selling located in Costa Mesa, CA. I have to upgrade trucks to a full size so I am selling my camper. Asking $22,000 OBO based on Four wheel camper's recommendation of price. Camper DOES NOT include camper jacks Aluminum Fridge Cabinet ARB Elements...
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    Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper Hawk for sale

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    2012 Four Wheel Camper Hawk FOR SALE Options: Mechanical jacks 8’ Fiamma awning Rear awning (over back door) Engel SR70 60QT built in fridge Sink + 2 burner propane stove Thermal pack Queen slide out bed Roll over couch/bed Roof vent...
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    To buy or not to buy

    Hey everyone I’m new to owning Four Wheel Campers as I previously have a Palomino. I’m interested in trying to buy a 86’ Grandby I found in my area. It’s cheaper and I get why but I have a carpenter here as well as a welder so I’m not too helpless and I love renovating the camper to some degree...
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    Looking for 4-season truck and camper combo

    I'm looking for a ready to roll, turnkey truck and camper combo sale. Must be a true 4-season option as I do a lot of winter camping. This deters me from the FWC and propane heating system due to condensation issues but I'm willing to listen to experienced campers. Just starting out my search...
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    SOLD: All Terrain Custom Flatbed Camper on 2011 Nissan Frontier

    NOTE: Interior height is only 5'10". If you and yours are under 5'10" tall, this is a great package. Also, the camper was designed primarily for fall, winter, & spring use. As such, we DID NOT install a sink, water system, toilet, refer, or cook-top. The camper design maximizes storage and...
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    FWC Hawk and 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax for sale

    Four Wheel Camper Hawk One owner Under 900 lbs dry weight Dovetall Greystone fabric Mechanical camper jacks Solar panel 100w roof/80w portable w/controller Solar wiring plug (on camper rear wall) 2-way refrigerator/freezer – 110 liter Forced air furnace with thermostat DSI water heater with...
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    Our Late 90s Roamin' Chariot

    Hello Wander the West folks! After a few years of cruising the forums and hoping to pickup a truckbed camper, my wife and I snagged a late 90s Roamin' Chariot this fall and are looking forward to years of fun with the little unit. We found ours in eastern Washington and it came basically stock...
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    **SOLD** FOUR WHEEL CAMPER RAVEN 2021 - $26,000

    Built new December 2021 . I will sell camper separate from truck due to a Rotor Cuff injury and not using. THE FOUR WHEEL CAMPER RAVEN 26,000 Four Wheel Campers Raven 2021 Rocky Mountain Four Wheel Campers Juniper Overland Denver. Like New I ordered the Raven last year at the Overland Expo in...
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    2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road

    Pics at ksl 2022 Tacoma TRD OFF Road Double Cab, 5ft bed, Manual Transmission. Like new condition. 9.500 miles. Old Man Emu 2” lift with Icon Rxt Leaf pack with OME 60091 struts OME 888 front coils with 9000 struts. Backwoods adventure gear Hi lite overland...
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    SOLD - 2016 ATC Cougar Shell - $11,000 - PDX

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    Help with ideas for patching the side of an Alaskan camper

    Hello, I currently have a 2002 cab over that has been a very extensive project. I purchased the camper a few years ago with known water damage. I have repaired all the water damage and my wife and I have updated the interior of the camper. I am now in the final stages of cleaning and updating...
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    2021 FWC Grandby for sale **SOLD**

    2021 FWC Grandby for sale. Camper has only been used on two short trips. Water system, shower, porta-potty and Alu-Cab 270 batwing awning have never been used. Hitch mount steps and jacks(used once) are included. Still smells and looks brand new. I "built" this camper on FWC website and total...
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    WTB Alaskan Camper Cabover

    Looking to buy an Alaskan Cabover camper. Prefer max length of 10' Ideal would be 8-8.5ft. Newish and in good condition. Located in PNW but willing to travel a bit for the right camper. Thanks in advance!
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    **SOLD** Go Fast Camper V1 $7300cdn

    -Price drop, $6750 cdn, just south $5000USD V1 Go fast camper - fitment 2014 gmc/chevy shortbox 5’8” bed, - no issues, -Canvas in great shape, -Newer hinges(embassy) factory modded to new style, so all doors are removable and you can treat it like a roof top tent, or haul things without doors...
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