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    Hawk Shell Electrical Questions: Shore power and more

    Yesterday I got my 2019 Hawk Shell, single 12V battery, no solar (yet). I have a lot of newbie questions: 1. I don't know how fast it will charge from the truck. I don't know the voltage drop is for the isolator diode so can't even estimate. Any experience out there? [edit: my shell has the...
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    Battery converter/ charger iota dls-30/IQ4 FOR SALE

    New 30 amp Battery converter/ charger iota dls-30/IQ4 for sale. not needed as I changed over to lithium based system. Specs: $125.00
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    ITOA upgrade to Lifepo4?

    The ITOA controller in the FWC I believe is the one with "Built In" IQ4. As it's time for new batteries I was considering Lithium Lifepo4 . However, What I can't seem to find is if the internal IQ4 can be over-ridden by an IQ module or if I'd end up having to replace this whole unit with one...
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    More Power! USB Charger upgrade for the camper

    Quick after work upgrade. On our last outing I noticed that the USB charge ports in the camper charged my phone and tablet very slowly, there is no rating printed on the factory USB units so I assume they are cheap low amperage chargers. Time to upgrade! Here's the factory USB chargers, taken...
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    Battery Charger

    All RV Owners should seriously consider buying the PowerAll Battery Charger for about $100. It's works great for me! I do not leave home without it. For a very small Battery Charger > see the "PowerAll" at...
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