ITOA upgrade to Lifepo4?


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Aug 8, 2016
Ashburn, Virginia
The ITOA controller in the FWC I believe is the one with "Built In" IQ4.
As it's time for new batteries I was considering Lithium Lifepo4
However, What I can't seem to find is if the internal IQ4 can be over-ridden by an IQ module or if I'd end up having to replace this whole unit with one that can run modules and get the IQ-Lifepo mod?

Has anyone upgrade to Lithium and know the path forward on ITOA controller?
I have LiFePO4 batteries and the IOTA with built in IQ4. Unless you leave your camper plugged in for long periods of time, it is not really an issue, and can be avoided by not leaving the camper plugged in. The biggest issue is the float charging, the controller built in to LiFePO4 batteries can protect them from over charging/under charging etc, but they cannot protect them from sitting on float charge for extended periods. But again, the simple solution is just not to leave the camper plugged into mains power for extended periods.
knoxswift-- It may not matter given rando's info, but I believe your question about whether the models with the internal IQ4 can be over-ridden is answered at the bottom of this spec sheet....

"Note: External IOTA IQ Smart Charge Controllers are not compatible with DLS with internal IQ charge control."

I assume one of the issues there is those new add-ons plug in to the Dual-Voltage port of a DLS-30 and I don't believe the internal IQ4 model (the DLS30/IQ4) has that port.

Can I ask if you have a way to confirm which model you have? Can you see the longer model number on the unit's label? And if it's the internal version, can you confirm it doesn't have a dual-voltage port? (If you can't get to it or the camper's not available, thanks anyway. I just thought it would be useful info for other WtW members).


I couldn't find my manual but per my invoice I do have the unit with built in IQ4.

So it appears I can't run the module.

However my understanding is the same the difference is the float charge. True if disconcerting when full would probably be fine.

Also I have an older Zamp controller that doesn't support Lithium batteries.

It seems that the upgrade is starting to add up. $$$...I've done quite well with the stock agm setup. Maybe I will leave well enough alone.

I however really like the weight savings and faster charge time of new batteries.
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