1. 20231104 191150

    20231104 191150

    Peek behind the refrigerator. Outside vent has been plugged with foam insulation. None of this stuff needs to be accessable. Electronics consist of: 280ah LiFePo4 battery with Bluetooth BMS Trickle charger for starting batteries Xantrex freedom 1800 HF Charge relay for alternator charging...
  2. R

    For anyone on the fence about Lithium - 100Ah Renogy LiFePO4 for $499

    I don't know how long this will last, but it seems like a great deal for anyone considering LiFePO4 batteries: Battery Hookup These are from a fairly reputable company and have a communications port, which is a big plus for larger systems.
  3. B

    A little remodeling

    Like many DIY camper builds, once you have been using your finished camper for a few seasons you find what you like and don't like. I found that putting the water tank directly under the sink in the galley cabinet was not the best place for weight distribution and galley cabinet space. I also...
  4. T

    My Idea of the Perfect Truck Camper Electrical System

    Hello! Long time lurker, I thought I would share the upgrades I've done to my Bobcat's electrical system as this info could be useful to someone else. I purchased an All Terrain Bobcat Shell model last year and had it installed on my 2015 Chevy Colorado at the ATC shop in Reno in September. It...
  5. S

    Grandby Shell build, it takes a Village, a bit more install info, Zero Declination drop down shower

    I am documenting my individual build to share ideas. For all the posts that helped give me real life info, shared experiences & thoughtful innovation. I could better imagine my current needs. Initially I will show my roof solar panels. Some pics will post, others not. Materials ..... (Renogy)...
  6. K

    ITOA upgrade to Lifepo4?

    The ITOA controller in the FWC I believe is the one with "Built In" IQ4. As it's time for new batteries I was considering Lithium Lifepo4 . However, What I can't seem to find is if the internal IQ4 can be over-ridden by an IQ module or if I'd end up having to replace this whole unit with one...
  7. R

    Low cost DIY Lithium camper batteries.

    I have been convinced for some time the lithium batteries were the future for marine and RV type applications and that lead acid's days were numbered. Lithium batteries have many major advantages over lead acid, including 4 times the energy density, much flatter voltage curve and less picky...
  8. E

    Buildout: 2015 Chevy Colorado, 2015 Fleet, and Primo Battery/Solar Setup

    I wanted to toss some build info on here regarding my rig in the hopes that it might be useful for someone else down the road be it someone with a newer Chevy Colorado or someone looking for solar/battery details which, of course, is very frequent on WTW. I know that for myself, despite this...
  9. Controller, Battery and Battery Monitor Install

    Controller, Battery and Battery Monitor Install

  10. photohc

    Lithium install in my Hawk

    I just posted on my website my recent adventure in installing a Lithium LiFePo4 Prismatic cell in my camper. A little different from the recent active post by cdbrow1 as my install involves using solar panels. I kept the IOTA installed for those times I need to recharge if power is available and...
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