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    2000 Eagle? Twin bed/couch storage

    Hey Everyone! I need some help as the 2000 Eagle model I bought was gutted before I got my hands on it. I am looking for inspo pics or dimensions from other peoples Eagle models for the couch framing. As you can see in the first image it was totally empty but the guy did have the couches that...
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    4 wheel Camper 66 inch window parts for sale

    I have parts for a Creation Brand, Pass side Window. out of a 1990 Hawk. Parts : Frame 66 in long, X 18 inch tall & Dividers & hardware, Horizontal glass window 1 at 35.625 x 8.50, 1 at 35.625 x 9.25, 1 large window 24.25 x 17.75 Small corner window 5.125 x 16.75 in x .187 thick plexi glass...
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    Broken frame welds, front of 2000 Grandby

    Hi, folks - My efforts to repair my 2000 Grandby continue. Latest discovery is that welds have broken on the three short frame tubes at the front of the camper. I expect this is from the camper banging into the lip of the truck bed (an issue I am addressing). It's currently impractical to...
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    FWC Ranger II Frame Repair (and continued build thread maybe?)

    OK, I decided to start a new thread and this could just turn into a continued build thread depending on how this all goes. I posted a bit ago about cracked welds in my frame that I discovered due to door misalignment and what I thought was pretty significant twisting during jacking and lowering...
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    80's Grandby Rebuild

    Got a new project delivered. Not sure what year though? Got it delivered on Saturday and stripped down Sunday! Had a sink and stove, but did not see a furnace. I am thinking to do the following and appreciate any advice for this build: Make it a shell that rest on the truck's bed rails Chop...
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    FWC Bronco to "Hawk" Build

    Hey All, I just bought a fwc bronco for $200 that was in pretty rough shape, but I knew that going in. I mostly just wanted it for the skeleton and a template to build onto. I've dug through a ton of the forums and chats on here prior to buying, but wanted to start a topic to see if anyone is...
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