1. AWG_Pics

    The Good, the almost bad and the not so ugly

    In anticipation of a quick run to the Oregon coast tomorrow, I de-winterized the Hawk today. The Good thing was my very painstaking dewatering last November resulted in no frozen water pockets to cause leaks as I have had the last couple of years. (I hate pulling the front of the cabinet off to...
  2. 20231019 203857

    20231019 203857

    Diesel parking heater. I love these things, about the size of a loaf of bread. Exhaust pipe, combustion air intake, and fuel lines are plumbed out the bottom of the unit. They make very dry comfortable heat and are extremely efficient. Need 12V to run the fan, pump, and glow plug. Fuel pump is...
  3. 20231019 204727

    20231019 204727

    Love me a diesel parking heater. Installed the actual unit in a service bed box. Heat and control wire are plumbed through side of lower camper. Controller was disassembled to reroute and hide the wires, plus delete the "holster" for a sleeker install.
  4. S

    Fleet Refurb Furnace Question

    Hi Everyone, I just got my hands on a Fleet of unknown vintage (somewhere between 2006 and 2009, maybe) and I am refitting it. I figured I'd just pull the old furnace and pop a new Dometic model into the hole. The old furnace is a Dometic/Atwood 8516-IV. The guy I bought it from said it...
  5. R

    SOLD: All Terrain Custom Flatbed Camper on 2011 Nissan Frontier

    NOTE: Interior height is only 5'10". If you and yours are under 5'10" tall, this is a great package. Also, the camper was designed primarily for fall, winter, & spring use. As such, we DID NOT install a sink, water system, toilet, refer, or cook-top. The camper design maximizes storage and...
  6. I

    New Hawk Shell on Order - Advice needed :)

    Hey Everyone, I'm a Nor Cal native and just ordered a new Hawk Shell model. I lived and sailed for years on a 46' sailboat I completely restored. I am new to the camper world after years of camping in the back of my pickup in the shell. I am super stoked to join the FWC community and would...
  7. C

    2010 Hawk - Add propane furnace in "small vent configuration"

    Hello all - I've been using (and loving) a 2010 Hawk w/ rollover chouch since purchasing (through this forum) in 2015, and I am looking for guidance on adding a propane furnace. I've reached out to Stan at FWC, who told me that simply adding the current Dometic unit DFSD 12111 would not simply...
  8. J

    Dometic furnace reliability

    Hello!, I picked up my new camper about 3 months ago. I have slept in it maybe 15 nights in the Wisconsin cold. The furnace decided to fail as it is want to do. I spoke with FWC asking if I could just get a refund on it and return it. I don't want a heater failing in spring or fall in...
  9. D

    Diesel Furnace for FWC Eagle

    I am looking for a replacement furnace for my Atwood, something that will fit into the same space. I love the Atwood but it is unreliable and repeated attempts to repair have me looking for a replacement. I've researched several and am looking closely at Diesel Furnaces. A friend has a $150...
  10. F

    Atwood Furnace Thermostat Short

    I recently picked up a 2000 FWC Grandby that I've been loving. The furnace, however, has been a bit of an enigma. The fan starts, but the spark and fire of the propane heat has been intermittent at best. After some digging, I noticed that the anticipator wire on the thermostat was fried, enough...
  11. S

    Falcon Rebuild - Heater Options

    Ok let’s talk heaters: My wife and I are in the planning stages of a full rebuild on a 2002 Falcon. From the factory, it was optioned with an Atwood Hydroflame 16000 BTU forced air furnace. Why on earth was 16000BTU necessary? Total square footage is only about 52 square feet and total volume...
  12. M

    Furnace won’t spark

    Hi all - I have a 2017 Fleet. On some recent chilly nights in Idaho I tried to get my heater going, and whatever mechanism is in there to spark the gas furnace seems not to be functioning. Any advice to troubleshoot before visiting a professional?
  13. U

    Furnace won’t stay lit on 2020 Hawk shell

    Took a brand new hawk shell out today for a maiden voyage as a warming hut after snow showing. Light the furnace and it ticks and turns on and blows and then shuts off. I could feel hot air blowing out the exhaust and hear the burning propane but it wouldn’t stay lit. It was getting power...
  14. W

    2016 Hawk Four Wheel Camper

    For Sale - 2016 Hawk Four Wheel Camper Riding on a 2012 RAM 2500 presently. It slides into the bed of a pick-up truck. The truck is not included. Roll over couch seating Deluxe fabric cushions Formica counter top Dual Batteries w/Separator Dual 10 Lb. propane tanks 160 Watt Solar Panel w/Charge...
  15. C

    Some different heater options

    Here are a couple of intersting heater options: 1) Cozy Cabin Propane marine heater, 5000 BTU, requires 1" flue, 16"hx8"wx8"d, top is 4"x5" cook top and has auto oxygen depleation and CO shutoff $489. https://tinylifesupply.com/propane/cozy-cabin-propane-heater 2) Dickerson marine solid fuel...
  16. Battery and furnace installed

    Battery and furnace installed

    Battery and furnace installed in cabinet
  17. Propex furnace controls

    Propex furnace controls

    Propex furnace controls after installation
  18. Propex furnace

    Propex furnace

    Propex furnace before installation
  19. R

    Updated thermostat tip for lower set points.

    For those withe newer FWC with heat - the Honeywell digital thermostat the are now using (TH1100DV) can be configured to allow temperatures down to 35F. This is useful for those who want to leave their furnace on at a low setting to prevent things from freezing without wasting too much propane...
  20. I

    Help me find a furnace!

    Greetings wanderers, I am a soon-to-be owner of a 2010 fwc hawk. Very excited is an understatement. It does not have a furnace. However, I've learned fwc pre frames/wires campers for a furnace IF (and it's a big if) I can find the same furnace used in 2010: Atwood hydro flame 8012-ii (also...
  21. Yukon

    Are Atwood Furnaces Reliable?

    I have a 7 year old, 4-Wheel, Eagle, that I bought new with furnace. Atwood 8500 Series. The entire time I have had the furnace it has failed over and over. Each time a different problem (switches, regulator, circuit board, etc, and each time at the worse possible time (I.e. COLD weather...
  22. F

    Furnace Maintenance

    I have a "05 Hawk with a Suburban furnace that some times works and some times shuts itself off after a minute of blowing. Perhaps it needs some maintenance. I have tried FWC site manuals, Suburban site and archives on this site. Brenda at FWC sugested a few Youtubes, but nothing seems to look...
  23. J

    Propex Heatsource Furnace Installation Report in FWC Eagle Shell

    I have added a complete report on my installation of a Propex HeatSource HS2000 heater in my FWC Eagle Shell on my website below: http://www.performancegearresearch.com
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