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    2000 FWC Hawk build

    Just picked up a new to me, 2000 FWC Hawk. Just started with a deep cleaning inside and out and came across a few things. 1. The top lip of the lower portion of the camper had deteriorating foam that could not be salvaged so it was scrubbed down to the aluminum. Would it be necessary/ or any...
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    FWC Ranger II Frame Repair (and continued build thread maybe?)

    OK, I decided to start a new thread and this could just turn into a continued build thread depending on how this all goes. I posted a bit ago about cracked welds in my frame that I discovered due to door misalignment and what I thought was pretty significant twisting during jacking and lowering...
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    Keystone Remodel

    Well since I am temporarily unemployed and it is really nice outside time to start a remodel! I am coming up on 1 year of owning the Keystone. While it is mostly original form 86 it was a little rough and needed some love. The fridge, heater, and side cabinets had been removed so rebuilding...
  4. Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram

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    Four wheel camper for sale $3,500

    Asking $3,500 Will work on Ford Bronco or other similar trucks. Can easily close in the pass through cabin with one piece of wood and a slab of insulation. You will get a lot for the price. Here is a link to the craigslist posting...
  6. Keystone Before Remodel

    Keystone Before Remodel

    Keystone before remodel.
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