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    cold weather lithium charging...

    I recently swapped out my dying AGM battery power for a single Renogy 100 Ah LiFePo battery with self heating function. My power system also includes a Victron 712 BVM (with temperature sensor), Victron MPPT, and Victron Orion DC charger. Everything worked perfectly this summer, yet now that...
  2. C

    Need 2000 CO Electrical Manual Info or wiring diagrams

    I want to upgrade my 2000 CO to eventually have solar 100W, I'm getting a 100w 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, a 1000w inverter and a 30amp dc to dc charger MPPT all Renogy components. I guess I will also need some sort of Automatic Transfer Switch. Does anyone have wiring diagrams from...
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    Alaskan 10' CO - upgrading Electrical, battery and charger

    Hello Fellow Alaskan owners! I have a 2000 10 foot CO Alaskan. I am replacing my battery with a Renogy 12v 100ah Smart Lithuim Iron phosphate battery, a 1000 watt inverter and a 30A dc to dc Mppt battery charger. Has anyone else done something like this combo and how did you configure them in...
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    Goal Zero Possibilities? Help Needed

    Scored A 2018/19 Fleet Shell and now looking to electrical. I'd love to be able to power everything off my Goal Zero 1500x [Link]. I also have no plans to connect the system to my truck...looking for all off grid solutions. Purchase Item #1: Overland Solar Bugout 130™ Solar Charger [link] As I...
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    For anyone on the fence about Lithium - 100Ah Renogy LiFePO4 for $499

    I don't know how long this will last, but it seems like a great deal for anyone considering LiFePO4 batteries: Battery Hookup These are from a fairly reputable company and have a communications port, which is a big plus for larger systems.
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    Sale on some Renogy stuff

    They have a 100AH lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifep04) battery for $810. They also have some solar panels and chargers on sale. I have a couple of their 50w flexible panels and I am pleased with the way they work. Jury is out on how they will do on the road but the build quality seems good:)...
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    New Renogy Flexible Panel

    I purchased a 50watt flexible renogy panel to tinker with. Got it for $99 so not a bad price. Received it today and noticed some flaws in a couple of the sections. It is raining and gonna be cloudy for a couple days so no way to measure true output......arrgh! Just to be safe I contacted...
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    2018 Grandby Shell on Ram Regular Cab

    Our new Grandby. Picked up Monday in Woodland Ca.. It is a shell model and we added the following: Dual Batteries, MPPT Controller, Furnace, Stove, Rack and Roll Over couch. I will be building a kitchen counter with a sink and 12V pump and later adding two Renogy 100watt solar panels.
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    Solar Panel Mount on FWC Roof Question

    OK, 100 watt Renogy rigid panel is ordered. Curious how you all have mounted rigid panels on your FWCs. I have a '17 Fleet with Yakima tracks. I have one rear roof vent, and do not have one over the bed. Prefer not to add holes to roof and wish to use the Yakima tracks. Advise appreciated.
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    Portable Solar Panel Connection to Camper

    How do you hook-up a “Renogy 100W, 12V, Monocrystalline Solar Panel ($140)” to my 2004 Grandby 4WC? I want to use this Solar Panel as a portable unit on the "ground" to charge my one auxiliary 12V battery, Laptop and 2 portable fans. Is connecting to my 2004 Grandby 4WC simply a matter of using...
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    Solar Panel / Yakima Tracks

    Hi All, I picked up a 2014 Raven in February that does not have the Yakima Tracks installed on the roof. I just bought a Renogy 100W panel along with some Yakima Tracks and planned to have Rack Attack install the tracks, to which the panel would be mounted (the wiring is already there). After...
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