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    TorkLift GlowStep System

    After way too long of using the hitch ball or bumper as a step to get into/out of my camper, I finally got around to installing the TorkLift GlowStep System with their All Terrain Landing Gear to my 2018 FWC Hawk. The installation was very straight forward and only took about 30 minutes to...
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    New Hawk Shell on Order - Advice needed :)

    Hey Everyone, I'm a Nor Cal native and just ordered a new Hawk Shell model. I lived and sailed for years on a 46' sailboat I completely restored. I am new to the camper world after years of camping in the back of my pickup in the shell. I am super stoked to join the FWC community and would...
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    All Aluminum Trailer Hitch Steps - Super Light $180

    All Aluminum Trailer Hitch Steps: 2 Steps welded together, fits 2.5 inch hitch reciever (Ford), with sole-mud brush attached (my add-on). $180. Way lighter than steel! You pay shipping, which I can estimate. If you message me via this forum it might be a while as I don't check the box every...
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    Scissor steps mounted permanently or not?

    Having just returned from a 5k mile trip to Wyoming and back on my maiden voyage with my new (modified) Fleet shell, my wife and I have only one upgrade to consider. We got a small 2-step ladder for entry and exit (see profile pic) and while this might have been adequate for us in our younger...
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    Brophy Scissor Steps

    I am about ready to install a set of Brophy 18", 4-step scissor steps on my Fleet. I'm looking for advice from anyone who has installed them. I also want to install the handrail option with them. My wife needs the stability when using the stairs. The instructions call for the installation of a...
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    *sold* Torklift Glow Step Setup - $150

    the previous owner of our camper put together a nifty step system for the camper that uses the 2" receiver hitch. He included it with the camper when we purchased it, but we just don't use it - we generally tow a trailer or have a bike rack installed in our receiver. The steps are Glow Step by...
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    Camper Steps

    I'm wondering what type of steps people use to get in and out of their camper. I've been using a small step ladder but I'm thinking a receiver hitch step might be a better option. I've got a FWC Fleet mounted to Tacoma long bed. Any thoughts and pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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