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Jan 9, 2017
Corvallis, Oregon
I am about ready to install a set of Brophy 18", 4-step scissor steps on my Fleet.
I'm looking for advice from anyone who has installed them.
I also want to install the handrail option with them. My wife needs the stability when using the stairs. The instructions call for the installation of a bracket to receive the upper end of the handrail and I am not sure how I should attach it without doing damage to the camper. Any advice?


Mike Madden
Mine I bolted through part of the truck with a couple of 1/4" bolts and it rests on part of the bed...bombproof but might only work with a setup like mine with a Ford 350 and Grandby.


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Doing the same thing (and that was a nice install)... could this be mounted to the strip below the door? Or would it be better to add a hardwood piece (if your Fleet hangs over as my Eagle does) beneath... with lag bolts and Gorilla glue? A piece of oak or maple would be best.

Edit addition: after rereading your question... Having replaced my door frame I know there are 1" square tube frame (Eagle) around the door. I am almost certain you could through bolt a railing receiver (assuming they make detachable handrail) should be straight sure to add silicone to the bolt heads and perhaps add a thin layer of byutil (spelling?) tape underneath for water proving the seal
Any ideas on adding a railing without adding a mounting bracket to the camper? On an Alaskan I think it would conflict with the top piece when lowered.
Had the Brophy steps on for the last 2 month trip... they are incredible. As far a a separate side rail my suggestion would be a plate that is bolted to the bottom crossbar that sits on ground, that protrudes 2" out the side threaded pipe (nut sleeve in a tube) that would thread onto a bolt through the plate facing up. same at top. The handrail attached to it (same way: through rail top into the nut sleeve in the upright tube. The handrail end at the camper could be a "U" shaped plate that stays attached to the camper bolted through the door frame tubing. Then all you would need is a through pin to attach. Set up time maybe a few minutes having the base plate on the load at bottom would be the stabilizer. It would also be very stow-able.
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