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    SOLD: 2023 FWC Project M for 5.5' Full Size Beds - $14,000 - Colchester, VT

    FWC Project M for Full Size trucks with 5.5' bed such as Tundra, F150, Sierra. 14,000 OBO Options include 2 roof fans, 100W solar panel, thermal pack, factory installed yakima tracks, yakima towers and crossbars. In excellent condition with no pinstriping. 2014 Tundra Platinum in amazing...
  2. A

    2001 Four Wheel Camper Hawk

    Selling a 2001 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Price: $7,000 Located in Chico California This is a great camper, it’s made for 6.5 foot beds but can also work with short beds with the tail gate down. Bought this camper used last March. Moving and I do not have space to bring it with me. All...
  3. H

    **BOTH SOLD** FWC Hawk & Overland Tundra: Turnkey, Heartbreak Sale

    Tundra + Hawk: A Heart Break Sale Call: 415-610-7753 Email: tomsimpsonpgma@gmail.com This is turn-key option for those of you looking for an Off-Road Tundra with a Wonderful Hawk Camper from Four Wheel Camper. It only has 70K of use. It was especially built for travel to South America with...
  4. M

    2002 Adventurer 76R Truck Camper

    Selling a well maintained Adventurer 76R, lightweight camper designed for 1/2 ton import trucks. It’s been an amazing camper for us, but we have moved on to a larger set-up. Link below. https://bellingham.craigslist.org/for/d/bellingham-adventurer-76r-truck-camper/7694079717.html
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    We're selling our Roamin Chariot (Montana)

    After a year or so of use of our camper we've unfortunately gotta put it up for sale. We used it for approximately 25 nights in the last year and it works like a champ but we're looking ahead at a couple of years where it won't get much use and would rather somebody else enjoy it than leave it...
  6. S

    2019 Tundra with ATC Ocelot has rear bounciness

    Hi all, I recently bought a used ATC Ocelot and have it on a 2019 Toyota Tundra. I beefed up the rear suspension with Ironman4x4 heavy duty leaf springs and shocks (rated up to 880lbs). I haven't taken it offroad yet but, on pavement (freeway/highway) it has horrible bouncing when going 65mph...
  7. M

    Toyota Tundra and Four Wheel Camper Hawk for sale

  8. C

    Tundra DCLB Rack

    All, I have a tube rack that I built for a DCLB (8'Bed)Tundra. The purpose was to build a rack for a rooftop tent that would fit over my Softopper. Worked great, but we built a Ram3500 with a Grandby. The rack is stored in my garage in Central Illinois. Could easily be shortened for a shorter...
  9. IMG 9497

    IMG 9497

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    •••The Eagle has Landed••••WTB (or trade for A frame camper)FWC Fleet, Hawk or Eagle to top our 2001

    Hello all, first time poster “short” time lurker. Sorry for the long post, kinda introductory and informational. Looking for a FWC for our 2001 Tundra. Would like one with rollover couch but not a deal breaker. I thought about a project M but my recent visit to the Woodland facility changed my...
  11. P

    PRICE DROP! Radica Moonlander Overland Camper For Sale 5500 USD 1st gen tundra

    CAMPER FOR SALE Radica Moonlander 2002 AC 5500$ All aluminum body custom made for this truck, mounts on the bed rails like a regular topper, weighs about 250 pounds with the sleeping platform. Sleep in a full size bed perpendicular to the truck bed. 175 solar all wired up with charge controller...
  12. W

    2000 FWC Hawk build

    Just picked up a new to me, 2000 FWC Hawk. Just started with a deep cleaning inside and out and came across a few things. 1. The top lip of the lower portion of the camper had deteriorating foam that could not be salvaged so it was scrubbed down to the aluminum. Would it be necessary/ or any...
  13. G

    Hawk on Tundra Help!

    Wondering if anyone has advice for putting a '16 Hawk front dinette on a '06 Tundra AC? Apparently the front dinette specifically can be an extremely tight fit and sometimes not possible. We attempted to slide it in last weekend without success. It seems to be just shy of passing between the...
  14. L

    TORKLIFT tiedowns T2310 & T3306 for Tundra

    This is a complete Torklift tiedown setup that was on our 2017 Tundra Double Cab 6.5 foot bed. In good condition - some minor surface rust. Check the following website to see if it fits your truck - see FIND YOUR FIT: https://www.torklift.com All hardware is included. Extra star washers...
  15. M

    **SOLD** 2014 ATC Cougar + 2000 Tundra (79,500 miles) FOR SALE $35,000 OBO

    Selling my 1st generation Tundra with an All Terrain Camper Cougar mounted in it. I made the truck as close to bullet-proofed as I could get it. It's really low miles for a 1st gen, so it was already in good shape when I got it, but I just had a bunch of preemptive work done to it before road...
  16. A

    2004 Toyota Tundra SR5 4x4 Double Cab 132k Miles **SOLD**

    FOR SALE - 2004 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Double Cab 4x4 - Truck Only, Low Miles, Located in Oakland, CA The truck is set up for my FWC Hawk. It has E-rated Cooper Discoverer AT3 AT tires, SuperSprings and Bilstein 5100 shocks. The tires, which are 265/70/17, only have 10k miles on them (full...
  17. C

    **SOLD** 2016 Toyota Tundra with 2018 FWC Hawk Shell

    The Truck 2016 Tundra SR5 5.7 V8 76,800 miles - will go up as DD Certified Toyota Bumper to Bumper warranty 100,000 mile transfer to new owner. ARB summit Bumper 12,000lb winch Old man Emu suspension SPC upset control arms also with lift for correct alignment 613 coils for weight of bumper and...
  18. C

    Chasing Tails Baja Roadtrip 2021

    Being from the Midwest allows us to explore coast to coast with relative ease. Sure, no oceans or 14ers here, but summertime on the Great Lakes is cool and the Ozarks are also pretty amazing. The Rockies, Blue Ridge, Gulf of Mexico and Lake Superior are all just full days drive away. So yea, we...
  19. M

    Grandby/Tundra combo early report

    ​Picked up the 2013 Grandby with our 2012 Tundra​ and camped a few nights during the 520-mile drive home. All told, everything seems to work well together. Before leaving I bought new tires (10-ply) and removed a 95 lb. brush guard. In Boise I had the FWC dealer install the eye bolts and...
  20. J

    WTB Camper shell for 07-14 TUNDRA w/6.5' bed

    I'm pretty much open to anything that can fit a dirt bike in it and potentially stand up inside but sitting is crucial. Bigger and taller the better! Thanks you! txt me (928) 255-22ZERO4 JR SANTA CRUZ, CA
  21. C

    For Sale: 2017 FWC Hawk Front Dinette Silver Spur/ 2017 Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD

    2017 Hawk Silver Spur Front Dinette/2017 Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD Combo Located in a few miles from Boulder, CO. My family and I are looking to upgrade to a FWC flatbed hence the sale. Options: Silver Spur exterior/interior Flush-mount glass top sink/stove Mechanical jacks 160w solar panel...
  22. W

    FS: 2006 Tundra 4x4 TRD *SOLD*

  23. 4


    Hi All, I want to Introduce myself, I'm Adam. I recently ordered and picked up my 2019 Hawk Shell Model with a furnace, stuffed in the back of a 2018 Crewmax Tundra. I have visited WTW site for a few months and finally took the step to make a account. When I make a few of my photos a little...
  24. BobD

    Hawk on a Tundra?

    Hi, I'm a former FWC owner (Eagle on a Tacoma DCLB). I switched over to a RTT/trailer combo which has it's place but I'm looking at begging forgiveness and crawling back to FWC in a Hawk. My concern is how well a Tundra handles the weight, since it's technically a 1/2 ton truck. I really...
  25. G

    SOLD - 2015 FWC Hawk Side Dinette on 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

    SOLD - Selling our camper - available immediately. 2015 Four Wheel Camper Side Dinette Hawk - located in Boulder Creek, CA email me at gaylond@gmail.com Factory installed: Mechanical Jacks Aluminum Jack Brackets 160 watt solar panel Solar Controller Camper Battery System with 2 AGM Deep Cycle...
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