2012 FWC Keystone for Sale


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May 21, 2018
La Conner, WA
2012 Custom built Keystone pop-up camper for sale along with 1997 F250 long bed truck. Three way fridge, furnace, hot water heater, 2 burner stove, queen size bed, outside shower, roof vents with fan, Yakima Roof rack, 2 batteries, 20 gallon water tank, no toilet, extra cabinets, winter package.
The truck has 101,000 k miles, gas engine. I want to sell the whole package, but will consider camper only.
Contact Dave @ 360-202-7590. Text preferred.


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That photo rotation comes from camera rotation data in the photo not being interpreted correctly by the WtW software (I think). In any case....

(click to enlarge)

Keystone1.jpg Keystone2.jpg

Keystone3.jpg . Keystone4.jpg


Also - tip to readers. If I click on the photo and hit SAVE while looking at the sideways photos in post 1, I see them upright. That may not be true for everyone but you might try it. If it works, keep that in mind for next time you see a sideways photo on WtW.

PS-- Good luck with selling your camper, Dave!
Sorry everybody-
I am a newbie and was without my e-mail for a few days........7.5 liter gas and I think $18,000 for Camper alone. As you all probably know, FWC is not making this model anymore.It is 9' long and sticks over the bed by a foot.

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