2018 Thor Majestic 19G E350 based RV, UJoint 4x4, full interior remodel etc.


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Oct 6, 2015
The time has come for Darlington Adventures to move on to the next project. Our beloved UJoint 4x4 Thor Majestic 19G RV is officially for sale. Purchased January 2023 from Cruise America as a used rental RV. It had 75,XXX miles when we bought it to be our home base for a 6 month, 48 state road trip which we completed last November. Its now got 98,XXX miles and will go up slowly since I still drive it pretty regularly to go mountain biking, camping close to home etc. Its a 2018, V10, E350 based Thor Majestic 19G. Ill try to include all of the details here and will add things as I remember them. Also please feel free to peruse the build thread for all the details. https://forum.expeditionportal.com/...4x4-ford-e350-rv-documentation-thread.237479/ I literally have thousands of pictures, if you want to see something just ask. I did the 4x4 conversion and all of the other work on the rig myself. I can also take video of anything. All systems function as they should.

For those that are unaware, the 19G can no longer be purchased new from Thor. They only build them for Cruise America/Cruise Canada. To buy one you either have to get lucky and find a rare used one online or get it from Cruise America, which is what we did.

2018 Thor Majestic 19G E350 with UJoint Offroad 4x4 conversion. 98,XXX miles. For sale at $105,000 or best offer.

Stock 19G coach info
  • Sleeps "4" but really only comfortable for 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 children. 2 small or very close adults could sleep on the dinette.
  • Cabover bed area is larger than a queen. We have a queen size 6" thick memory foam mattress and use the extra area to add storage bins for clothing and misc. items. We used the same mattress as our home, just a little thinner. There is plenty of room to be very comfortable.
  • 20 Gallons of fresh water
  • Electric water pump
  • City water hookup and regular fresh tank fill port
  • 6 gallon hot water tank
  • 17 gallon grey tank
  • 16 gallon black tank
  • 40 gallon gas tank
  • 11 gallon propane tank
  • 25,000 BTU furnace
  • 13,500 BTU roof air conditioner
  • "Midsize" refrigerator/freezer, dual power 120v or Propane. The propane is so efficient we never used electricity. Living full time in the RV we would go about 3 weeks between propane refills.
  • 200 amp hours of battery. 100 Truck, 100 House.
  • 4000 watt Cummins/Onan gasoline powered generator.
  • 220v shore power connection
  • Small, lockable exterior storage compartment for shore power cords and misc. electronics.
  • Medium-ish lockable exterior storage compartment for whatever you can fit. We keep all our fresh water accessories and Cycling gear bag in it.
  • "Wet" bath with shower, toilet and sink.
  • Seatbelts for 6 people(stock actually has 7 but we deleted one seat for storage.
  • Emergency start switch that connects the aux battery to start the vehicle.
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke, CO and propane detector
Drivetrain mods
  • UJoint Offroad DIY 4x4 conversion.
  • 99-04 Ford Dana 60 front axle with 4.56 gears, Detroit true-trac, Spyntec manual locking hub conversion, SSBC 8 piston brake calipers and stainless steel brake lines.
  • NP1128F 2 speed transfer case.
  • Custom built double cardan driveshafts front and rear.
  • UJoint Offroad 8x6.5 to 8x170 billet wheel adaptors/spacers to match front bolt pattern and space the rear wheels correctly to match the front track width.
  • RedHead steering gear.
  • Ujoint/Alcan custom leaf springs front and rear.
  • Fox 2.0 shocks at all four corners.
  • UJoint Offroad FB002 front bumper
  • Smittybilt 12000lb winch
  • Anderson plug
  • Ujoint Offroad front hitch
  • Spare tire carrier*
  • When running the spare in front the coolant temps are about 10 degrees warmer than running the spare in back. This causes the dummy gauge to bounce around a little but temps are fine on the scangauge. We drove the entire 20,000+ mile trip with the spare in front and had no issues.
  • Custom rear bumper
  • integrated dump tube storage.
  • Buyers Products locking storage box 60"x18"x18".
  • Optional 3 bike storage using 1UP USA trays or rear mounted spare tire.
  • 5x KMC KM542 "Impact" wheels 17x8.5 8x170 bolt pattern
  • 5x 35x12.50 17 Toyo Open Country AT3 E-rated tires. Currently have about 10/32nd's or tread left.
  • Solar, 400 watts total
  • 2x 175 watt Renogy panels
  • 1x 50 watt Renogy panel
  • Renogy Wanderer solar charge controller with BT-1 bluetooth module
  • Renogy 700 watt pure sine wave inverter
  • Marine grade wiring plug through roof for Solar panel wires and Starlink cable.
  • Black E350 grille
  • Black headlight bezels
  • Extended front fender flares
  • Morimoto "Sealed 5" LED headlights with integrated turn signals
  • Factory 10,000lb rated hitch with extension to clear storage box.
  • Skid plate for grey/black water tank equipment
  • Roof ladder
  • Custom graphics
  • Tinted front windows and windshield strip
  • Full remodel including
  • Wallpaper in main area and cabover bed area.
  • Wood paneling on ceiling.
  • Stick-on "fake" subway tiles in the kitchen.
  • Cabinetry and wall paneling painted black.
  • Custom built in dog crate with dresser mounted above. With relative ease the crate can be removed and the dresser lowered to floor level. There would just be a few holes from where the dresser is mounted to the wall. There is a small window that is hidden behind the dresser.
  • Custom upholstery on dinette.
  • Custom drapes for cabover bed area divider and windows.
  • Custom blackout side window cover.
  • Butcher block dinette table and counter top in kitchen.
  • Tinted 50% sliding window with screen in kitchen.
  • LED lighting throughout.
  • RecPro integrated 3 burner stove top with oven. (works amazingly well btw, so well we deleted the microwave for more interior storage.)
  • Fantastic fan in cabover bed area.
  • 5 Star 91 Tuning octane engine tune
  • Jensen CAR8000 10.1" touchscreen head unit.
  • Kicker speakers in front doors and dinette area.
  • Brandmotion FVMR-1100 touchscreen video rear view mirror with front and rear facing cameras and dashcam recording capability.
  • Vantage Optics HVAC vacuum ball mod. This eliminates the notorious "default to defrost" HVAC mode that every single Econoline van on Earth gets.
  • Scangauge digital vehicle monitor.
  • Hidden Fort Knox PB1 safe.
  • Locking gas cap.
  • Locks on all exterior storage compartments, cubbies, doors etc.
  • New windshield February 2024.
Good, bad, and ugly
  • The best thing about the 19G is you can park it anywhere. Thats the reason we initially chose this model over a longer RV for our trip. Its approximately 20 feet long so it can still be parked in a regular parking spot. We took it on a 6 month, 48 state, 20,000 mile road trip and never had fitment issues. We stayed in Chicago, Philly, Seattle and countless other big and small cities and towns and never once had an issue parking or finding somewhere to sleep for the night. It can also take you down any offroad trail that the exterior dimensions will fit through hahaha.
  • It has its share of paint chips, dings and scratches but nothing bad.
  • Absolutely no rust except on the exhaust.
  • The level sensors for the black water tank do not read accurately. This is a common thing with RVs, they just dont stay clean when they get caked with literal ********.
  • The vinyl graphics were done by yours truly, an amateur. They look great from a few feet away but there are plenty of wrinkles.
  • Its an 11,000 pound box powered by a 6.8 liter V10 gasoline engine. If you have to ask what kind of mileage it gets you are probably looking at the wrong vehicle. It gets about 9mpg no matter what you do.
Thats all Ive got for now. Feel free to ask questions. Ill add pics and info as things come up.
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