2019 Ranger XLT FX4 w/ Alu-Cab Khaya (Sacramento) **SOLD**

Aug 12, 2020
2019 Ford Ranger XLT FX4
32,000 miles
OME heavies out back mediums up front
expedition white
Great shape, will need tires soon due to dry rot.

2020 Alu-Cab Khaya
base model with "Weekender" package (270 degree Awning, stowed table, shower kit)
Custom bench with storage, can be converted to third bunk for calm small person (pm for details)
Fold up table
Propex furnace
15 gallon water tank w/ external fill (lockable)
300W Solar
100 Ah Renogy Lithium
1000 watt Renogy inverter
Added a window to the back door, not sure why they don't come this way. It's a cave in there without it, and the airflow is nice
Camper is in good shape, main struts for the pop-up will need to be replaced eventually. Stays up fine, just the launch is getting harder, I may be getting old.

Both are together in Sacramento and I highly prefer to sell both together. $48,000
A few pics, I'll post more later.


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