2022 FourWheel Camper Hawk


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Apr 4, 2024
Sisters, Oregon
Listing our lightly used FourWheel Camper Hawk. Located in Central Oregon. The Hawk is a slide-in camper that fits full-sized trucks with a standard bed (6' - 6.75"). This one was most recently on a standard bed F-150. We have had the camper for 1.5 years but just sold the truck and are just contemplating going a different direction before mounting it on the new rig.

Black, smooth exterior; Maple interior; Gatlinburg Mineral fabric. All in very good - to - excellent condition, including the top fabric. Only "flaw" is a dent/crease on upper right of rear door where we had an encounter with a small tree branch. I can try to capture that in a photo but it doesn't show very well. For additional pics of the top popper up, please see thread below.

* Rollover Couch
* Queen sized bed
* Thermal pack
* Flush mount sink and stove
* 2-10lb propane tanks
* Can be hooked up to shore power too
* 85 liter 2-way Refrigerator
* 160W roof-mounted solar with 2 6-volt batteries
* Fan/vent over kitchen
* Vent over bed
* Dimming lights
* Lots of storage

According to the FourWheel Camper website, a build similar to this would go for somewhere between $31k and $32k today. Asking $25,000. Jacks not included (just borrowed them from a friend to get the camper off the truck).


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Additional photos with top popped up. Top and material in excellent condition.


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