2024 Tundra Composite Bed Tie Downs


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Apr 18, 2017
Own a 2018 Hawk, width is 48" in the front and 57" in the back at the tailgate where the bed width is 59". I just bought a 2024 Tundra that has a composite bed and requires a bracket system to secure camper. Not interest in forklift kits. Built front bracket, works great, rear bracket will not clear the bed sidewall and/or provide a plate hole with access to attach tie downs? May hook to existing tie down on bed corners but a little worried that's not very strong. Front bracket will hold camper in place on pavement, not sure off road. Any suggestion would be helpful. FWC does sell a bracket kit but it is outside my budget and there are no pictures. The other challenge is finding the bed screw-bolts in longer sizes to accommodate a mat cushion and washers. Been all over including Toyota and Fastenal for the bolts. Thank you for any input........bm
I'm interested in learning what solution you came up @budman with as I'm considering a Grandby on a 2024 Tundra.
On my 09 Tacoma with a composite bed I had an issue with one of the factory bolts stripping. With the FWC supplied bed mounts I just dropped a slightly smaller diameter and longer bolt through the existing hole and put some lock washers with a lock nut on the bolt from below. Been in use since 2016 with no issues. Just make sure to use a high strength steel bolt.
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