A Rustic Restoration Project. Bringing a 1980-Something Grandby Back to Life

Living The Dream

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Sep 27, 2015
Front Range, Colorado
Hi Folks,

Long time Wander The West member, have not been very active in a few years. I'm a big Four Wheel Camper fan, having previously completely rebuilt an old Fleet that first lived on my Tacoma and then my Tundra. You can read all about that here (Its the most viewed post on this site).


Well I am back again with another project. This time a little more beat up and a little bigger. An old Grandby that has quite the story behind it. I even have a truck to match it.

Ill be doing most of my build documentation over on youtube but feel free to fire questions away on here too, and if there is a particular project you want to see, lets talk about it!

Let me know how far you think I should take this one? Should we do a full restoration, should we just get it functional, or should we just scrap it?
Excited to be talking Four Wheel Campers again! Lets get into this project!
Living The Dream said:
:) Good to be back.

Say it with me, in decreasing confidence.

We are not doing another full restoration, we are not doing another full restorations, we are not doing another full restoration. ......
Hmmm, I have visions of you teaching your son the skills of camper construction. :rolleyes:

I have done two full restorations, and mostly from the info I got from you and the second one was SOOOOOOO much easier. Both came out absolutely great in my opinion but I learned so much from the first one the second one was a breeze (minus the conduit lifters, they are a total pain in the ...)

So, yes, full restoration, take that top off and life is much easier.
I'm with BBZ. 2nd build was much easier, and I can still think of more tweeks that I would like to do. If you have the skills (and I think you do Tim!) you could even make the roof & cab over longer to get the full queen size cab over....
Sure I'll pile on. Full restoration is warranted since you already have one under the belt and the second as everyone says is so much more fun! Plus the videos are good from your first one and super helpful
Maybe just restore it as a shell?

If I was re-buying my 2021 today, I would just do a shell with a roof fan and exterior lights, or maybe even a Project M. Battery, heat, fridge, water, and portapotty I’d go modular for more interior space, versatility and lower cost.
Go for the full rebuild or at least 90%. That will make for better video. Maybe attach some permanent Jacks. I just cringed when I saw you using those free standing ones. I remember using them myself when I bought a new one in 1984. Thought it would fall off every time I used them.


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