SOLD! updated 2008 FWC Grandby - Montana


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Sep 2, 2009
Gardiner, MT
2008 Grandby camper (8' model)

I had not intended on selling this unit but came across a deal I could resist on a newer Grandby, thus it’s taken me a little time to prep and clean it, thus I apologize for the ‘phased’ approach to the listing. The post and pictures have now been updated to better reflect the overall condition and solid nature of the camper (7 out of 10). I would rate it higher, but it’s 15 years old and has a few cosmetic blemishes that I describe below, overall, it’s a great unit with a lot of life left and I hate to see it go.

Price is set at $10,500 and is based on discussions with the folks at FWC Jackson Hole. Best to text... four O six - 2 2 three - seven o 7 Five


More pics can be sent

Basic Features
Heater Forced air - propane.
Stove top - propane
20-gallon water storage
Electric water pump
Roll over couch.
Fantastic fan
Custom storage cabinet for bins
Queen-size pull-out bed.
Cooler (80ish quarts)
  • Camper is plumbed for a 2-way fridge however it currently does not have one installed.
Flooring - vented Interlocking floor tiles.
  • I’ve really like having it installed but it can easily be removed. It helps manage dirt and sand on longer trips, simply shop vacuum to clean.

Know Issues / Blemishes...
Camper weathered a hailstorm in Denver, CO 6 years ago.
The damage was mostly cosmetic (hail size dimples), but the roof did get punctured in a few locations (2 holes less than 1" diameter). To prevent water damage, I temporarily patched the roof with caulk in CO and drove it home to MT for the permanent repair (see treatment below). The repair has proven to be weather tight and with continued maintenance, it should remain worry free.

Permanent Roof repair and maintenance.
  • All roofing screws have been replaced and re-caulked (marina grade)
  • All seams were re-caulked (marina grade)
  • Hole repair (2 less than 1" in diameter); Marina grade caulk was liberally applied to the surface, sheet metal patches (8" x 8") were placed over the areas and secured using roofing screws.
  • The entire roof was treated with Henry's Roof Guard waterproof coating and is retreated every few years (most recent application was this November)

Roof latches (drivers’ side) released at highway speed, 10 years ago.
The roof remained locked down on the passenger side, but the driver’s side planed up slightly 'tweaking' the frame. The roof secures fine but the driver’s side sits about a ½” higher than the passenger side and is most visible from the front of the camper. It hasn’t resulted in any ‘real’ issues but is a cosmetic blemish. To this day I do not know why the latches came loose but for peace of mind, I added an extra set of latches near the front, and it’s instilled in me a routine of double and triple checking the latches.

Upper vinyl canvas wear and tear.
Overall, the vinyl is in really good shape, however the creases in the corners have started to show a few ‘pin holes.’ I originally patched the areas with a vinyl repair material (Tear Aid) about 5 years ago and just recently replaced the patches with Flex Tape. The repair has proven to be weather tight and with continued maintenance, it should remain worry free.


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