A shout out to Overland Solar!!

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Jan 6, 2019
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Just wanted to give a shout out to Brian at Overland Solar.

The original Overland, 160W PV panel on my Grandby got damaged last year by hail. Camper is going in next fall for roof repairs but, solar panel was damaged and can still use the camper. Dents in the roof won't stop me from camping. Just had no power from the original, damaged solar panel.

Ordered a new one from Overland back in March 2024. UPS said they delivered it but, the 4 cameras on the front of my house and my wife standing on the front walk talking to friends at "supposed" delivery time said otherwise.

Brian got it tracked down and it finally showed up about a week later. Got the replacement installed in March and it "seemed" to be working.

Just took a trip the first week of June 2024 and the new panel was not charging. Called Brian from the boonies and since I forgot to bring my volt meter, could not do any real testing. Got home and took readings. . . .yup, new solar panel not charging.

Called Brian. . . .2 days later, new replacement panel showed up.

Got the new one installed and its charging like it should.

Brian at Overland went out of his way both times to help me out.

Great company to deal with! They stand behind their product!
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Completely agree with you that Brian goes the distance to see that you are very well taken care of. He replaced a bad, older version of the 160W panel for me, that was out of warranty, at his cost. He didn't have to, it's just his nature. The panels are tough and efficient and take a lot of abuse. Overland Solar is one of the good guys you can trust.
I bought 3 160 watts panels and Brian put the right fittings on the ends that I needed. I had great service also.

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